Walking Home #97 - Kristin Rain

13259489_1025503467487541_645478378_n1Kristin was the 3rd generation of her family to live in a cult. born in to a religious sex cult, her family left when she was 10 after a murder within the organization. She has since found her balance in the outside world by blending mainstream world with valuable attributes nurtured within the organization. Today we talk about:• what it was like growing up in a cult• how growing up in a cult effected her perspective• how cults and mainstream culture mirror each other• the importance of imagination and creativity• the benefit of really knowing who you, your family, and your friends areSHOW RESOURCES- Follow Kristins on Instagram- Here is a doc on Children of God to further understand the environment of the Family.- A short news clip from 1972 when it was just beginning- Here are the True Komix given to adults within The Family (anyone 12 and older)

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