Michael Donovan - Ep. 58 - Emily Van Raay

000000339623-emily_van_raay-fitQuite simply, beauty has a purpose beyond the pixels. Modeling’s reputation for drugs, eating disorders, and cattiness has pervaded the social imagination for decades however now, in 2015, we have a group of models working promote inner and outer health. Amongst the catalysts for this model movement is Emily Van Raay. Emily started “Models for Wellness” to assist new and working models achieve health and stability throughout their careers and beyond. Emily joins me at the park to discuss a range of topics:

  • Explaining “Models for Wellness” and the option toward real health
  • Growing up in the changing fashion industry
  • Realize you can create anything you want and you have a choice
  • Inspired by the uninspired
  • Inner and outer beauty
  • “Why me?”
  • Plus Size, Straight Size, and every other size
  • Organizing change from within to be free
  • Regardless of Biology or Media training, inner health is critical
  • Manifesting beauty beyond the pixels
  • Making things right when you’ve participated in something

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