Michael Donovan - Ep. 55 - Ethan Nichtern

IMG_4692Shastri Ethan Nichtern is a senior teacher at Shambhala, founder of the Interdependence Project, and author of several books on Buddhism (One City, and Your Emoticons Won't Save You). One of my favorite contemporary teachers of the dharma. His most recent book, The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path, just came out. We sat down at the Shambhala Center in New York to discuss the state of Buddhism within the practical world of today and how we are moving forward. Today's discussion includes:

  • Shambhala, today, explained
  • Cleaning up your act
  • Looking at how we could use our spiritual practice in our lives
  • Spritual Materialism
  • Consciousness is your home
  • Being vulnerable
  • Skillfully working with your mess
  • A short discussion about interdependence
  • Scientific Materialism, Consciousness and Buddhism
  • Religion without blind faith
  • Keeping it real with new voices in Buddhism
  • Self promoting authentically by cultivating your attention

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