Michael Donovan - Ep. 53 - Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York)

Zj7Hfan_Through documenting Humans of New York (HONY), Brandon Stranton has created a blog showcasing the people in Gotham and the stories that have shaped their lives. While his work started as a simple photographic essay of colorfully dressed people he found on the street, it eventually morph into an intimate digest of accounts shared by the people he was photographing. Over time Brandon began to extract and broadcast their stories of deeper feelings and instances of transition mixed with candid humor. Eventually these stories shaped an online community of 13+ million followers which continues to share their collective thoughts and emotions regarding the subjects and their matter.Today Brandon and I sit down to talk about the world we live in: a place where, once warmed up, people are more comfortable to talk about personal matters with a stranger than they are with their loved ones. Today's show discusses:

  • Creating HONY through good stories
  • The effects of interviewing 10,000 people
  • Working to find the individual story of each person through presence
  • The Key to life is…
  • Keeping it grounded beyond your worldview
  • Is Brandon a Reptilian Overlord?
  • Working beyond definition
  • Being a New Yorker with a larger-than-life project
  • Approaching strangers and cutting through
  • Broadcasting to strangers vs connecting with the people closest to us
  • Changing with friends
  • Sincere connection with each other
  • Manifesting your dreams for control and freedom
  • Living in the work is the reward
  • Let go of monetary concerns to get power in your life
  • The worlds dumbest question

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