Walking Home #98 - Sonya Esman

img_1345Sonya started her career creating youtube vides while a teenager in Toronto. Now a fashion blogger, model and youtuber. We were put together for an editorial and she changed my perspective on NYC life. We decided it would be fun to shoot together again and recorded this conversation between the two projects.In this episode we talk about:• What it means to be a Free Spirit• Spotting our own prejudices in the connected world• How being an influencer allows one to live a life with more freedom• Ways things can improve for businesses connecting with influencers• Embodying love• Dealing with depression as a spiritual person• Spiritual games to playThis show is dedicated to Autumn! Happy Lovetober!Sonya's siteSonya's InstagramSonya on YouTube.......Save 30% on Alan Watts lectures and courses by using promo code "DONOVAN" at checkout.

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