Sean Dunne - Ep. 24 - Ani Baker

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.52.24 AMAni Easton Baker is a tenured teacher, credentialed to work with primary grade students who have mild-moderate disabilities.She currently teach kindergarten, first, second and third grade students in the public school setting.Ani is also the leader of our campus’ Renaissance Program, which teaches wisdom and emotional intelligence to public school youth."I have been given the opportunity to create, implement, and perfect Renaissance at our site, a program that is available to elementary school students for the first time ever. My long-term goal is national implementation.My work with my students has taught me most of the most important things about being alive.In 2015, I acquired a team-teaching partner who takes over our classroom on Mondays and Tuesdays. With this free time, I am able to follow through with my creative endeavors.I write for myself, and the understood you. I act in small projects I believe in, and I have lent my support as a co-producer within the short film world."Follow Ani on twitter

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