Unbroken Chain - BONUS Episode - Marianne Williamson

This “special” episode is simply to turn on anyone that has not yet encountered truth-teller and force of love Marianne Williamson. Not actually a UBC conversation, this is Marianne’s announcement speech that she is running for president and so much more. It is a reminder of what we are doing here together—in our communities, in this country, in the world—and of our responsibility to one another. She puts into perspective the legacy of populist movements that have course-corrected the United States from the very beginning of its founding, and calls on all of us to meet the heartbreak and oppression of current corporate and institutional tyranny with the same courage and love summoned by every generation before us. If you haven’t heard of her, and you dig the Unbroken Chain vibe, give her a listen.“It is a task of our generation to recreate the American politeia, to awaken from our culture of distraction and re-engage the process of democracy with soulfulness and hope. Yes, we see there are problems in the world. But we believe in a universal force that, when activated by the human heart, has the power to make all things right. Such is the divine authority of love: to renew the heart, renew the nations, and ultimately, renew the world.” You can find more of her at

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