Unbroken Chain #27 - Walking Persephone’s Path w Kathryn Solie

Kathryn Solie has dedicated her life to the study and practice of non-duality and inner work. She works one on one with people looking to remember their authentic selves through the use of tarot readings, dream interpretation, herbal medicine, intuition building, shamanic journeying, creative expression, and meditation. Today she takes us on journey into the transformative medicine of poison plants. We go deep into the underworld of datura, hellebore, henbane, belladonna, and amanita muscaria, and explore the myths that help unlock their wisdom. She talks about the pagan origins of Christmas traditions, the loss of our European shamanic lineage, wrathful goddesses, and the intersection of buddhism and plant medicine. Find Kathryn on instagram @persephonespath and at More conversations at and wherever podcasts are found.[“Sunrise of Forever” - Layne Redmond]

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