Unbroken Chain #25 - Psychedelics and the War on Drugs w Ifetayo Harvey

Writer and cultural activist Ifetayo Harvey works in communications at the Drug Policy Alliance. She has spoken widely on her experience growing up with a parent in prison, and she is a passionate advocate for ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration, improving education, sexual health and reproductive justice. In this conversation she gives us a brief history of the drug war before diving into the opportunity presented by our current moment: whether we use the tide of legalization to deconstruct the prison industrial complex and begin to make amends for centuries of oppressive, racists lawmaking. She talks about the traumatic fallout of mass incarceration, harm reduction and public fear around normalizing drug use, accessibility to medicine, using psychedelics to shift consciousness en masse, and protecting psychedelic spaces from predatory individuals and institutions. You can find her writing at www.ifetayo.strikingly.com and a wealth of resources from the DPA at www.drugpolicy.org. More podcasts at www.maurajames.com.[“Walking in the Rain” - Grace Jones]