Unbroken Chain #24 - Keep it 💯 w Darryl Carter

This is the story of Darryl Carter and of New York City, his home for the last five decades. With the backdrop of a rapidly evolving city, Darryl tells intimate stories from his journey through love, addiction, loss, and transformation with side splitting humor and radical transparency. He shares scenes from the idyllic working class 70s, the crack-ravaged 80s, and the aggressive gentrification that has followed in recent decades. A keen observer of human behavior, he talks corruption of power, corporate tyranny, escapism, nonconforming, sex addiction, satan in a crack pipe, getting humbled by women, and the moments of clarity that have turned him into a devotee of gratitude, forgiveness, and peace. His wisdom is hard won, and he knows what really matters. “Don’t you want to be understood and accepted as a human being? That’s all of our dilemmas. More than anything in the world… human beings want to be loved.” Come hang with us at his apartment in the Bronx. More at[“We Got To Have Peace” - Curtis Mayfield]

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