Unbroken Chain #23 - Invest in Your Authentic Self w Ryann Holmes

Ryann Holmes is one of the founders of bklyn boihood, a black and brown queer and trans community committed to cultivating and supporting one another’s stories, dreams, and creative work. Ryann is devoted to living a fully authentic life, one free from the expectations and prescriptions of mainstream culture, and in its place they have built a radically safe, inclusive, and healing community. With wisdom gained from over a decade of this work and a lifetime of self-making, Ryann shares their perspective on the use and limitations of labels, combating the erasure of black queerness, the importance of non-white spaces, the toxic energy pervasive in non-profit funding, and canceling the term “ladies.” Find Ryann at and more podcasts at[“Organic Elevators” / “Naps Jam” - Nappy Nina @nappy_nina]

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