Unbroken Chain #20 - I'm Here w Po

Po is an artist, seeker, and lover who has traveled the US with a clipboard stacked with paper, making portraits for over 13,000 pedestrians in his signature two-handed style. He developed this technique after watching his toddler daughter teach herself to draw and has embraced it as a method to overwrite deeply ingrained patterns of trauma in his brain. In this deeply synchronistic conversation recorded in Po’s hometown of Brattleboro, VT, he shares views from his journey through violence and addiction toward healing and self-understanding. He has gained passionate beliefs about how we can all heal collectively by taking actions that include eliminating landlords, instituting a 20 hour work week, and understanding the true value of money. You can follow Po in his travels on instagram @the.ambiguous.adam and find more art, including videos of Po drawing @maurajames and[“Only You Know” - Dion]

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