Unbroken Chain #19 - Ritual Pain w Yin Q

Yin Q. is a BDSM educator, sex work activist, former professional dominatrix, and writer and creator of the series “Mercy Mistress.” In this generous conversation, she makes a deeply personal reflection on the transcendent element of BDSM practices and how these rituals can help transform the shame and fear accumulated by trauma into agency and self-compassion. She talks about what consent, transparency, and feminism really mean in the context of sex work and makes, among many things, an enthusiastic call for embracing male nipple play. Throughout, she emanates a strong belief that when we decriminalize and uplift the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, we assure the safety of all. Watch “Mercy Mistress” at, and find her writing, advocacy, and professional offerings from rope bondage to couples kink guidance at and @yinq13 on instagram. More podcasts at[“Pain Is Beauty” - Chelsea Wolfe]

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