Unbroken Chain #18 - What Is Life w Daniela Groza

Daniela Groza is a documentary photographer and creator of the movement Be Kind For Real. When she’s not taking pictures, she’s often driving Uber in New York City. Her most recent project captures the lives of queer women in her home country of Romania who are often invisible to the world and to each other. In this vulnerable conversation, she goes deep about her journey to selfhood, from analyzing her childhood and ancestral trauma to learning how to recognize healthy relationships. We talk about her rejection of gurus and self-help books, the judging mind, Jung, being broke in New York City, and what she’s learned about humanity from her thousands of riders over the last three years. Find her online at or and on instagram @bekindforreal. More art and podcasts and[“Blue & Sentimental” - Ike Quebec]

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