Unbroken Chain #17 - Everything I’m Not Is Everything I Am w Yis “Noségo” Goodwin

Yis “Noségo” Goodwin is a painter and muralist who combines fine art technique with a heart-stoppingly intricate surrealist style. As deeply humble as he is talented, Noségo celebrates the act of creation as the divine right of inspiration. Here in one of his first public conversations, he reflects on his growth as an artist and human, exploring how we write our own stories of selfhood by working at the edge of our understanding. We kick around ideas about reincarnation, the purpose of life, and the oneness of all living things. Noségo’s murals can be seen on walls all around the world and his show “Died a Few Times to Live This Once” is up at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia through February 9, 2019. More art at and on instagram @nosego and more podcasts at[“Roll (Burbank Funk)” - The Internet]

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