Unbroken Chain #15 - From the Provenance of Women w Eliza Hardy Jones

Eliza Hardy Jones is a musician, textile artist, and self-proclaimed “aggressive feminist.” From her current project transcribing women’s folk songs into sing-able quilts, to the making of her 2016 solo album, “Because Become,” she shares stories about synesthesia, textile as currency, running for mental problem solving, and synchronicity in the Russian Arctic. Throughout, Eliza celebrates the untold story of women as the progenitors of culture, and makes a deeply personal argument for the thorough investigation into who controls the official narratives of our national, social, and personal identities. You may have caught Eliza in the past touring with Grace Potter, Iron & Wine, or mewithoutYou, but you can always find her music and quilts online at More podcasts at[“Who Am I” / “Criminal” / “Because Become” - Eliza Hardy Jones]

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