Unbroken Chain #10 - The Big Project w Tepahteh Hutze

Tepahteh Hutze, the “Oso,” is a medicine man who grew up in a family of curanderos from the Bear Clan who completed his first four day vision quest under the supervision of his grandfather at age six. As a young man he moved to United States and joined the Lakota Nation, following the teachings of Wallace Black Elk who adopted him as his grandson. Tepahteh's medicine and ways of life are deeply rooted in his practices of native ceremonies, including temescal(sweatlodge), limpias (cleanses), medicine plants, drum sessions, and energy healing. In this beautiful offering, he shares his philosophy on the ceremony of life, how to access the medicine we carry within us, why the word "disease" does not exist in his culture, and why we have come to live life on earth. Connect with Oso on instagram @tepahtehhutze. More podcasts at www.maurajames.com[Lakota ceremonial songs]