Unbroken Chain #30 – No More Running w Randy Scott Carroll

Randy Scott Carroll is a Philadelphia-based musician and radio producer sharing for the first time his intimate story of healing and transformation. The son of a fundamentalist pastor, Randy experienced sexual assault as a child that deeply influenced his perception of the world and his place within it. After running from his past for many years, the Me Too movement sparked Randy to look at his experiences head on and finally begin healing the wounds that had driven him into toxic relationships and self-destructive behaviors that only perpetuated his trauma. In this radically vulnerable conversation, Randy talks about the gift and curse of traumatic experiences, what it means to believe survivors, learning to perform that “everything is fine,” redefining masculinity, discovering belonging in the queer community, and the practice of holding space for healing. You can find Randy’s music and storytelling on Spotify and instagram @randyscottcarroll. More podcasts where podcasts are found and at maurajames.com.

[“Let Your Love Wash Over Me” – Randy Scott Carroll]

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