TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE FUTURE with Dr. Rick Strassman, Daniele Bolelli, Mitch Schultz, Michael Garfield and Alexander Ward

"If you could transmit a single piece of knowledge or information back in time to your past self, what would it be?" We asked five of our favorite guests.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.cropped-thirdeyedropslogo-1-1One of the fantastic perks of doing this show is getting to ask my shower thoughts to the wonder-slinging, friends I have made. This question particular is one I’ve given a lot of thought to. It's not that I expected to discover one defining moment, or one piece of transcendent information that could light the path to a better future, but when you ask someone about what that hypothetical insight might be, it’s a fascinating catalyst for a riff session.Dive deeper with our guestsDr. Rick Strassman  - Author of DMT the Spirit Molecule, researcherDaniele Bolelli  - Author, historian, podcaster, professorMichael Garfield  - Artist, musician, speakerAlexander Ward  - Visionary artist,Mitch Schultz - Filmmaker of DMT the Spirit Molecule 

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