Third Eye Drops #63 - The Transmutation of Nothingness with Noah Lampert

Host of Synchronicity and founder of MindPod Network, Noah Lampert returns to the mind meld for a chat about nothingness, the coming obsolesce of language and the miracle of creativity.LISTEN |ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER 


Is there such a thing as nothing? Cosmologically and scientifically speaking, maybe not. That aside, from the vantage point of humanity, the concept nothing is more than just real, it’s a logical necessity.To even function, the mind requires nothing’s opposite- information. However as soon as you conceive of anything, you’ve also conceived of nothing. In other words, as soon as you’re aware of the fact that something new emerged in your psychic soup, it follows that you’re also aware that before our hypothetical “it” was there, “it” wasn’t there. “It” was nothing suspended in an infinite backdrop of nowhere.CROWD-SPONSOR THIRD EYE DROPS, GET REWARDS and PAY-OFF KARMIC DEBT on PATREONSo, at least as far as the human mind is concerned, nothingness and somethingness are interwoven dualistic threads that infinitely imply the existence of one another. Still, the functional relationship between the two remains as mysterious as ever. Go ahead, ask yourself how a lack of information can ever give birth to information. It doesn’t make any sense, yet must be the case, both mentally in the human microcosm and physically in the macrocosm.* **Alan Watts continues exploring the rhetorical recesses of nothingness:“The point I’m making is this: If space is essential to solid, it’s perfectly obvious then that “nothing” is essential to “something.” If you can’t have “something” without “nothing,” it means “nothing” is pretty powerful stuff, because something comes out of it. BLOOP! Like that! It’s a dogma of western thought expressed in the phrase “Ex-Nihilo Nihil Fit” (out of nothing comes nothing). But that’s not so, out of “nothing” comes “something!”  *If you believe in the Big Bang** So maybe nothingness DOES (or did) exist cosmologically

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