THIRD EYE DROPS #54 - Creativity Paradox with Autumn Skye Morrison

World-traveling visionary artist and creativity sage, Autumn Skye Morrison joins the mind meld!LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERSUPPORT THIRD EYE DROPS and GET REWARDS on PATREON!

As I was was conjuring these words, I started contemplating creativity. Not creativity in a modern context, but what it is in its purest distillation. Something approaching the way our pre-language ancestors must have experienced it.

It’s an interesting musing, but trust me when I say, we just can’t conceive of it. It’s protected by a vault. A safe comprised of systems so integral to modern human thought we can’t strip them away. Let me put it another way – what is creativity, without language, art, numbers, systems or culture of any kind?

See what I mean?

In the interest of not copping out, as I’ve thought more about this mind-bender, I’ve reached a somewhat satisfactory conclusion. In short, if pure a form of creativity exists, it’s in the now. It’s in a flow-state where your frontal lobe goes quiet and you’re simply doing.

That’s what so incredible about great artists, they shatter this paradox for a living with the stroke of a brush without thinking about it. A brush that’s propelled by the very same mysterious impulse our ancestors felt. It doesn’t matter if the artists themselves can’t see beyond the culture they’re in, because to an artist, culture itself is just another tool to pierce through reality with.

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • The mysterious self-mirroring, subjective singularity we call “creativity”
  • Asymmetrical writing and “heart-speak”
  • Sigur Ros
  • To achieve a creative flow-state, you have to check the ego
  • Art as a tool for meditation
  • Tools for starting a meditation practice
  • Speculation about the geometry of reality and how to physically see it
  • Trying not to try and other exercises in authenticity

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