Third Eye Drops #33 - If You Name Me, You Negate Me, with Alexandre Tannous

Featured art by Simon Haiduk tannousSound researcher, musician and world-traveling gnostic-adventurer, Alexandre Tannous returns for another mind meld!LISTEN|ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.

This episode features one of those time-traveling flow-state dialogues where nearly 90 minutes flies by seemingly instantaneously (at least from my perspective). It was like some tiny quantum brain fairy caressed my pineal gland causing it to secret just the right amount of tryptamine to elicit an extended state of wonder and awe. It was truly that pleasurable. On that note, it would be fascinating to see what’s going on neurologically during an awesome, life-affirming, metaphysically stimulating chat like this one. 

Musings in this mind meld include -

  • Why we lose the feeling of awe and mystery as we age and what we can do to nurture it
  • The cultural forces that compel you to think the way you do and value what you do 
  • Why we romanticize ancient cultures 
  • Why religion and science alone aren’t existentially satisfactory  
  • Fine-tuning your awareness and curiosity and creating a practice 
  • Were the works of Plato hiding universal truths about math and melody?
  • The trial of Socrates and his forced suicide 
  • What were the ancient “mystery schools" that so many famous philosophers speak of?
  • Hermeticism and the Kybalion
  • The shamanic model, ayahuasca and the culture clash that occurs when they enter modern life and the modern mind
  • The power of sound in shamanistic systems 
  • You can only listen to the experiences of others for so long, eventually you have to do your own work
  • Why the language we use for "spiritual" experiences is lacking
  • Exploring inner-spaces takes practice, just like anything else   
  • John Lamb Lash and his book Not in His Image
  • The importance of the multidisciplinary approach and why we need a well-rounded tool set to explain reality 
  • Alexandre’s personal spiritual experiences and
  • The difference between romantic love and cosmic love 
  • The power of sound to enhance meditative or psychonautic exploration
  • Unlearning and creating  a new relationship with sound   

Third Eye Drops #31 - FOURTH EYE DROPS with Cory Allen

Cory Allen is a sound-smith, meditation instructor and the host of the Astral Hustle podcast. Cory has taught thousands the practice of meditation through his guided workshops and delivers lectures on mindfulness and the expansion of consciousness.

LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.

static1.squarespaceEvery time I talk to my friend Cory Allen it’s a tastier Swiss Cake Roll of absurdity and profundity. Ever since he came on the show a few months back, we’ve been keeping in touch and something has blossomed. Some sort of playful ping pong of creative scheming, insight and wild degenerate goof sessions that would probably get us banned from everything for life if they ever leaked out.

 I like this recipe. If I’m not laughing enough in a conversation, it’s like there’s a very important spice missing or something. I've found there's absolutely Goldilocks zone of high highfalutin idea slinging and satire and (at least as from my perspective) Cory and I wiggle right into that nook.

Musings in this mind meld -

  • You don’t really have free will unless you exercise and sharpen it 
  • Another rap on simulation theory 
  • Michael’s ridiculous daemon/mason/Price is Right synchronicity
  • Synchronicity  
  • The Buddhist parable of the arrow in modern terms 
  • Insufficiently melted cheese and other jaded first-world disappointments 
  • If you want novelty, inspiration and a juicy life, don’t expect to find it sitting around 
  • Visions of quantified social media burrowing into your biology and the algorithms that will map your psyche  
  • The phrase “third eye” is heavily overused and ambiguous. Is it really a useful term and what does it mean?
  • How sound and binaural beats profoundly alter your state of consciousness
  • Why it’s hugely beneficial to let someone else drive your experience regularly 

Third Eye Drops #30 - I Believe in a Laughing God with Daniele Bolelli

Daniele Bolelli is an writer, martial artist, university professor, and podcaster. He is the author of several books including Create Your Own Religion and Not AfraidLISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.One of the hallmarks of our time is the tension stemming from the tug of war between raw information and our attempt to funnel it into a worldview. Our inherited ideas, religions, political affiliations and flags.bolelliOf course, none of them fully cut it. How could they? They predate the mass of data and stimulation that has become the stuff of everyday life.So we're really left with two choices- isolate ourselves in an echo chamber of like-minded thinkers and information where our philosophies won't be challenged  (a tactic that seems to be more popular than ever), or we can sacrifice some sacred cows. We can actively create a more nuanced, adaptable philosophical scaffolding that's suited to the ever-intensifying blasts of information that have become the norm.This actually feeds right into the central theme of our conversation and guest, Daniele Bolelli's book, Create Your Own Religion, a task that we should all be embracing. 

Third Eye Drops #29 - Amit Goswami and the Conscious Cosmos

Dr. Amit Goswami is a retired professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics where he served from 1968 to 1997 and a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness,” an idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.

dr-amitIf you dig deeply enough into the fabric of reality, you'll eventually bounce your pickaxe of inquiry off of quantum bedrock. The uniformed layer of potential and spooky circumstances that gives birth to all matter. 

To navigate this rabbit hole of rabbit holes, we meld minds with author, philosopher and Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami.

Musings in this mind meld include -

  • Amit's journey from materialist to quantum spirituality 
  • Amit's response to the standard materialist view of consciousness i.e., Daniel Dennett's arguments
  • Is there a relationship between physics and consciousness?
  • Non-local communication through space and time
  • The relationship between consciousness and oneness 
  • Is the moon there when no one is looking?
  • Is the weird behavior in quantum experiments in the micro realm applicable to the macro realm?
  • How does Dr. Goswami define consciousness?
  • Why the idea of synchronicity is getting so popular
  • Choose to find meaning, or don’t. Choose to see connection or choose randomness
  • The power of intuition 
  • Placebo effect 
  • Meditation’s healing effects and lengthening of tilameres
  • Avoiding the "setting sun," scarcity mindset
  • Douglas Hofstadter, Godel, Escher, Bach and the brain as a tangled hierarchy 
  • The observer implies an object, the object implies an observer 
  • Was there a time where there were multiple realities? 
  • Eugene Wigner and his paradox


TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE FUTURE with Dr. Rick Strassman, Daniele Bolelli, Mitch Schultz, Michael Garfield and Alexander Ward

"If you could transmit a single piece of knowledge or information back in time to your past self, what would it be?" We asked five of our favorite guests.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.cropped-thirdeyedropslogo-1-1One of the fantastic perks of doing this show is getting to ask my shower thoughts to the wonder-slinging, friends I have made. This question particular is one I’ve given a lot of thought to. It's not that I expected to discover one defining moment, or one piece of transcendent information that could light the path to a better future, but when you ask someone about what that hypothetical insight might be, it’s a fascinating catalyst for a riff session.Dive deeper with our guestsDr. Rick Strassman  - Author of DMT the Spirit Molecule, researcherDaniele Bolelli  - Author, historian, podcaster, professorMichael Garfield  - Artist, musician, speakerAlexander Ward  - Visionary artist,Mitch Schultz - Filmmaker of DMT the Spirit Molecule 

Third Eye Drops #28 - The Heart in the Network with Dr. Bruce Damer and Michael Garfield

Featured art - Alex GreyDr. Bruce Damer is a multidisciplinary researcher at UC Santa Cruz focused on origin of life theory, a speaker, performer and host of the Levity Zone podcast.Michael Garfield is an artist, musician, speaker and co-host of the Future Fossils podcast.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.As you probably know by now I’m an idea explorer, not an idea swallower. I’ve never been one to fully commit to a well-established reality tunnel. That said, last year I did an experiment with the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination tool. Entering into it, I admittedly kept the “this is all just for fun" excuse at the ready.

bruce-damer-mpnI posed this question to the oracle: "Are we anything more than fancy apes? Is there a higher consciousness or purpose that we are connected to?"

The answer it gave was hexagram 53 changing into 13. Which, in a nutshell, means that we are when we come together in the spirit of something larger than ourselves. Shockingly profound.

As ontologically powerful as that moment was for me, I admit it’s all subjective. One could easily chalk up the spot-on nature of that answer to coincidence and confirmation bias.

Nonetheless, the more I consider it, it really does seem that networks, are the most potent expression of life. A network of beings with a purpose can accomplish practically anything, whether it’s a colony of ants architecting a massive system of tunnels, a group of creative friends endeavoring to elevate their respective talents, the building of the Large Hadron Collider or the horrors of war, we owe it all to networks.

This podcast you’re about to hear,  just like that I Ching moment, has really intensified my fascination with the concept of the network. We spend quite a bit of time rapping about networks at all levels of existence, from the microbial mats that gave birth to life on this planet to the modern, technology-soaked process of manifesting a technosphere that's evolving us as a species, a society and as a vessel for consciousness in general. 

Musings in this mind meld

  • The blessing and curse of the creative 
  • How VR will bring us together 
  • Massive leaps forward in understanding where life came from 
  • The basic unit of life is a network  
  • How the younger generation seems to reflect more of a group mind than an individual one
  • How the internet was born
  • Is the best model for society an open-source collective network?
  • The future of innovation isn’t in monolithic huge organizations, it’s in creative groups with singleminded missions
  • What’s the future of space travel? Why would we ever need to physically go anywhere if we can experience it through technology?
  • Bruce’s thought experiment on how consciousness began 
  • The unlikelihood of the universe existing at all 
  • Theoretical ideas versus practical ones
  • Hear the full recording of the I Ching reading 

Third Eye Drops #27 - One Truth, Many Stories with Shane Mauss

Featured art - Topher SipesComedian, knowledge-seeker, and psychonaut, Shane Mauss returns!LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.

maussI don’t even know how or why I came upon this fact, but if you google "philosophy is,” the two first suggestions are “dead” and “bullshit.” Unfortunately I couldn’t resist the carrot, so I followed through with the "philosophy is dead" search.

The primary culprit for Google's suggestion seems to be a speech Stephen Hawking gave to Google’s Zeitgeist conference in 2011, in which he claimed that philosophy is dead” and that "scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.”

To hear my riff on Hawking's proclamation that philosophy is dead, click play.

Musings in this mind meld include -

  • Stephen Hawking says "philosophy is dead." is it?
  • Why too much data and not enough philosophy can be deceptive and dangerous
  • Thoughts from Sam Harris on why we can't talk about consciousness in only measurable, observable terms
  • Finding your creative niche 
  • Why Shane is transitioning to a psychedelics-based comedy set
  • Dealing with criticism and the administrative aspects of being creative 
  • Communicating with critics, trolls and homeless people 
  • The memetic spread of information and ideas 
  • Is television a tremendous waste of time, or a valuable learning tool?
  • Consciousness is a story we tell ourselves 
  • Shane’s ongoing wrestling match with his metaphysical views 
  • Are psychedelic substances fooling your brain into thinking you’re dying, causing it to run simulations that comfort you?
  • How cultural conditioning and beliefs seem to shape people’s experiences in altered states of consciousness.

Third Eye Drops #26 - The Fractal Perspective with Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield returns to the show for another dip into the conversational ectoplasm!LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.michael-garfield-jpgIn addition to being debonair and a brain-melting conversationalist who can talk about basically anything, Michael Garfield is an Austin-based writer, speaker, musician and visionary artist. For more on him, hop through this portal.Musings in this mind meld include -

  • Virtual reality will need a failsafe to remind you you’re in it
  • What happens when technology is so advanced we can no longer tell what’s real?
  • Yes we’re being lied to, but don’t reject mainstream narratives just to embrace wacky ones
  • More has "happened" in the last few months than the entire 16th century
  • Information fatigue and navigating "truth" claims
  • Internal authority versus external authority  
  • The rational age has wrestled us away from believing we exist within meaning.
  • Subjective experiences can be just as valid as objective ones.
  • Is religion just a more primitive version of science, or is it measuring something else?
  • There may be no absolute beginnings, but humans think in terms of stories
  • Rest in peace, Paul Laffoley
  • Personal breakthroughs that reveal hidden worlds
  • The scientifically-proven hyper-charged shroom-brain
  • Supreme court ruling that people’s technology is a part of them and can’t be unlawfully searched seized
  • If we can ever create a hive mind, what would happen to society? 
  • Being successfully nomadic
  • Is the definition of success are changing?
  • Is the internet age killing monogamy?

Third Eye Drops #25 - Trying to Levitate with Claire Hoffman

Featured art - BeepleClaire Hoffman is a an author and journalist with work published in Rolling Stone, The New York Times and GQ. Her book, Greetings From Utopia Park is an autobiographical account of growing up in in the heart of the Transcendental Meditation movement in Fairfield Iowa.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.For most Earthlings, the topic of "childhood in America"  does not evoke images of a utopian community filled with guru devotees that meditate all day in hopes of eventually existing in a state of boundless cosmic consciousness (though that does sound a lot more exciting than my chicken nugget and BPA-filled upbringing). 5b2sltq9As unconventional as it is, that was everyday life for our guest on this show, Claire Hoffman, who spent a good portion of her childhood living on the grounds of the Transcendental Meditation movement’s compound in Fairfield Iowa.  What I enjoy about both Claire’s book and this conversation is that no clear answers are offered here. This isn’t a whistleblowing hatchet-piece. This is a nuanced, honest onion comprised of layers of gray area. Not only is that a more accurate portrayal of everything in life, it shines a light on the fact that Claire isn't out to make a quick buck as a whistleblower. She’s telling her story and sharing the insight she’s gathered throughout her fascinating hike up life's existential incline.   Musings in this mind meld include : 

  • What it’s like to grow up with meditation 
  • Growing up idolizing a guru you've never met
  • Psychedelic revelatory experiences versus self-generated ones
  • The TM Siddhi program and levitation
  • The weird rituals of successful people
  • Drala
  • An exploration of the order, disorder nonsense and conflicting messages of the human condition 
  • Striving for betterment even though perfection is ultimately impossible
  • Is it dangerous to believe too much in something?
  • The impossible task of not wanting to corrupt the beauty and purity of your children
  • Tummo (Wim Hof) breathing and its benefits 
  • Can a bunch of people get together and change the world with their consciousness? 

Third Eye Drops #24 - Tales of a Technodelic Utopia with R.U. SIRIUS

Featured art credit - Akimov MikhailR. U. Sirius (Ken Goffman) a writer, editor and musician. He is best known for co-founding Mondo 2000 magazine and penning books like Counterculture Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERThese mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page.

cropped-thirdeyedropslogo-1-1Discussions about the future are almost always framed in terms of a tug of war for tomorrow between the forces of utopia and dystopia. Prognosticators love to promise us either the apocalypse or immortality, but when have things ever never been that cut and dry? For a more realistic vision, you've got to leave room for plenty of gray area (though I'd love to believe we’re about to come to our senses, cast aside the fossil fuels, build forests of organic vertical farm-filled skyscrapers, make art all day and drink ayahuasca all night).

Despite the nuance and uncertainty of it all, there are a few technodelic unicorns out there with a novel and compelling view of where we're collectively headed. One of them is most definitely our partner in this mind meld, author and countercultural creative, R.U. Sirius (Ken Goffman). He’s written books like Transcendence, the Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity, Timothy Leary’s Trip Thru Time andCounterculture Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House. R.U. was also co-founder and Editor In Chief of the far ahead of it’s time, Mondo 2000 Magazine.

Musings in this mind meld :

  • Are we headed for dystopia with sprinklings of utopia, or the other way around?
  • How has the "future" turned out to be different from what RU thought it would be?
  • Ken’s journey from the 1960’s to cyperpunk 
  • Change is usually more jagged and gradual than we'd like to imagine 
  • For real progress, powerful technologies need to coalescence together
  • Is the cyberpunk vision future is coming to fruition? 
  • Mondo 2000 - the Jetsons on DMT
  • Black Mirror’s creepily accurate dystopian images of the future 
  • Could psychedelics fill in the spiritual and existential gaps in a transhumanist future? 
  • Is "Big Pharma" poised to cash in on psychedelic medicine?
  • The noble and important work of MAPS 
  • Why shouldn’t we be focusing on expanding consciousness along with technology and lifespan? 
  • Humans are learning to parse information better and absorbing more from less
  • Where are the modern-day heroes of counterculture pushing forward thinking and creativity?
  • Is there such a thing as a guru?
  • Too many people are letting splintered, shallow information make up their philosophical worldview without a practice 
  • Going back to classic philosophers for knowledge and solid logic
  • Reality and the future are always more muddled than you think they'll be