Third Eye Drops #3 - Daniele Bolelli - Professor, Savage, Author, Philosopher, Boob Poet

 Seeking a show about angry goats, psychedelic gnosis and Theodore Roosevelt? Then congratulations my friend, you've found your grail!LISTEN ON ITUNES ARCHIVE STITCHER YOUTUBEbolelliTo everyone else rereading that seemingly nonsensical combination of topics: no, the forceps of destiny didn't get drunk on the job and start plopping subject matter into reality at random with zero care, I promise. This conversation is actually (fairly) coherent.To whom do we owe that coherence? Professor, Author and Podcaster extraordinaire, Daniele Bolelli!

Daniele hosts two tremendous podcasts, The Drunken Taoist (a conversation-based show, not dissimilar to this one) and History on Fire .

Daniele is also the author of stellar works like Create Your own Religion and his latest, Not Afraid,  "a meditation on facing fear, heartbreak, and mortality. The story of a man who in rapid succession has his wife die in his arms, loses his house and his job, and is left to care for his 19-month old daughter." 

For more - Daniele's Site

Musings in this chat:

  • Trying not to be a volatile, reactionary dick
  • Overcoming and coping with fatigue and stress
  • Anger, how to deal with it and not deal with it
  • Fear, how to deal with and not deal with it
  • Is there ever a time where violent confrontation is justified? (plus, a personal story on that)
  • Different examples of how people deal with loss 
  • Authentic creativity versus cries for attention
  • Substance induced revelations versus natural ones
  • A future nobel prize winning poem about boobs
  • Wim Hof is a real-life superhuman bad ass
  • Theodore Roosevelt was crazy
  • Living a wild life as coping mechanism for trauma 
  • Psychedelic gnosis and horror stories


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