third eye drops #154 - Sarah Zucker| One Long Exhale

Get more podcast content, support Third Eye Drops and receive exclusive rewards by becoming a Patreon patronSarah Zucker is a writer and multidisciplinary artist, her work has appeared on MTV, AMC, Super Deluxe and more.In this one, we rap about the information matrix, the roles we play, outrage culture, the majesty of yoga, and what (if anything) the word “spiritual” means.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER

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We’re all actors in a forever unfolding multilevel production of nature, culture, and psychology.

Attempting to identify and consider those performances is actually a rather useful mindfulness technique. It allows us to get outside of ourselves. It enables us to take a good look at the roles we’re playing, even ones that we sometimes forget we’re a part of.

Of course, this sort of reflection only goes so far. Some performances are so embedded into the human experience that there’s no way to wriggle our way out of them. It’s like trying to see the outside of the matrix when you’re inside of it. It doesn’t compute.

Anyway, this comes up at the very tip of this mind meld with the wonderful Sarah Zucker and I’ve been thinking about it semi obsessively ever since.

In terms of games Sarah plays— She’s an artist and a writer that’s worked with MTV, AMC, Super Deluxe(which was one of my favorite digital media vessels) and many more. She’s also a Jeopardy champion. So needless to say, she’s worldly, novelty-dipped woman.

For more on Sarah, follow her  @thesarahshow on instagram and visit for more.

third eye drops #153 - Dr. Miles Neale | The Temple of Tomorrow Is a World-Healing Memetic Fractal

Get more podcast content, support Third Eye Drops and receive exclusive rewards by becoming a Patreon patronDr. Miles Neale is a psychotherapist, speaker, and faculty member of Tibet House and Weill Cornell Medical College.Miles is the author of Gradual Awakening: The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human.For more information on his two-year contemplative studies course go here.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERLeave us some love on iTunes by clicking 5 stars and the subscribe button!(Almost) every time sit down for a mind meld, I’m hit with at least one wonder-inducing novelty nugget. That said, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this moved during a podcast. I think it’ll butter your bread too if you’re walking around with a heart in your chest.On top of that, Dr. Miles Neale is a rare bird. He’s got the western chops as a doctor of psychology and he’s been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for over two decades. He’s also got a truly fabulous sense of humor. When you combine the three of those, you’ve got a wise and wonderful manwitch.Simply put, conversations like this are why I do it. They make me want to do everything I can to secrete my drops of wonder water to the maximum. I hope it does the same for you.Check out Miles’ wonderful book hereIf you’re interested in deepening your spiritual practice, sign up for Miles’ incredible contemplative studies course.Musings in this mind meld

  • Where the monomyth and eastern thought meet
  • The pitfalls of spiritual materialism
  • Spirituality, conformity, postmodernism and rebellion
  • The psychodrama of ritual
  • The utility and danger of conspiratorial thinking
  • Are there dangers to modern mindfulness?
  • There is enough of a self to have agency, but not enough to have an identity
  • Differences between Tibetan Buddhism and other branches
  • The temple of tomorrow is a world healing memetic fractal
  • Miles’ thoughts on bardos and other realms

third eye drops #152 - Erick Godsey | The Art In Your Burden

For rewards and 20 more minutes from this conversation, become a patreon patron!Erick Godsey is a self-styled psychology extraordinaire and self-spelunking mystic who hangs out at the intersection of Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson. Erick returns to chat about why myths are so potent, why we suppress our own potential and share three purpose-sharpening techniques.Catch his new podcast, The Myths that Make Us hereLISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy this mind meld? Let the iTunes wizards know by leaving us a 5-star review and clicking subscribe!Life comes with burdens.But some burdens, we can select. That may not seem all that wonderful, but really, it’s everything. It’s the difference between selecting a purpose and succumbing to existential nonsense.You might be familiar with the plight of Sisyphus from Greek myth. If not, he was the guy cursed to push a boulder up a mountain for all of eternity. When he finally gets to the top, there’s no respite. Sisyphus has no choice but to let go of the rock, only to watch helplessly as it rolls down to the bottom of the mountain. Of course, he follows and does the bit all over again, ad infinitum.Existentialist philosopher, Albert Camus famously retold this myth in his book The Myth of Sisyphus to illustrate how absurd the human condition is. He contended that it’s only through recognizing that life, like the rock-rolling plight of Sisyphus, is totally pointless that we can find meaning. In acknowledging the inherent pointlessness of our condition, we’re able to create a point. We’re able to choose whatever purpose we want.This mind meld is sponsored by the mushroom wizards at Four Sigmatic. Get 15% by clicking here or using the coupon code THIRDEYEDROPSDon’t get me wrong, Camus is brilliant, but I’ve got a bone to pick (several actually) with that scenario– As I said at the top, there are some burdens we can choose. Reality is not nearly as one dimensional as Camus’ famous thought experiment. In taking action, we’re doing more than reframing some ultimate burden, we’re making choices that actually matter. They matter to us and they matter to all of the people we touch. If Albert Einstein had chosen to work at Pizza Hut, instead of developing the theory of relativity, the world would be worse off, period.What we’re willing to dedicate the real estate of our limited existence to is everything. It is, pixel by human pixel, the sum total of life on earth. It is our story. It is the mythos of mankind. It is not relative.Speaking of myths, my man Erick Godsey is obsessed with them, he’s got a brand new podcast called The Myths That Make Us. You should absolutely listen to it.For 20 more minutes from this conversation, join us on patreon!

third eye drops #151 - The Map Is Not the Territory with Jeremy Johnson

For rewards and exclusive podcast content, support us on Patreon!Jeremy Johnson has written on a variety of esoteric and philosophical topics for outlets likeReality Sandwich and Evolve and Ascend. His latest work, the book Seeing Through the World, is a deep dive into the work of intellectual mystic Jean Gebser.In this mind meld, we rap about mapping the impossible, untraditional concepts of time, and the religion of the future.  LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy this mind meld? Let the iTunes wizards know by leaving us a 5-star review and clicking subscribe!As you may have noticed, one of my go-to quotes is “the map is not the territory.” It’s a beautifully sharp, concise reminder of a pervasive human flaw– No matter how in love with a system we are, it’s just a map. It does not capture reality itself.I believe I first heard Robert Anton Wilson say the phrase, but after a few clickity clacks, I determined that it actually originated with Alfred Korzybski, a Polish-American scholar whom, apparently RAW was a fan of. After studying Korbynski’s work extensively (via his Wikipedia page for about 20 seconds), I came across a gem that made it pretty clear where Koybsynski’s head was when he came up with that phrase–“no one can have direct access to reality, given that the most we can know is that which is filtered through the brain’s responses to reality.”That point is highly relevant to this mind meld. In it, we talk a lot about the ideas of Jean Gebser, a philosopher, scholar and creative who made some truly intriguing structural maps of human consciousness. Gebser’s system describes how our consciousness is constantly transforming and undergoing a process of “mutation.” These notions influenced a lot of highly respected intellectuals– Ken Wilber and William Irwin Thompson to name a couple. It also harmonizes a lot with the ideas of C.G. Jung as well.Gebser’s work is attempting to map what, to must of us, seems completely invisible– The flow and evolution of human consciousness. His map may not be the territory, but it’s an incredibly intriguing, useful guide to one of the chief mysteries of existence.Bring a pen on this one, my friends, because Jeremy is a wealth of knowledge on this topic. In fact he wrote an entire book about Gebser, so he does get somewhat technical at times. He’s definitely a big-brained boy.

third eye drops #150 - THRESHOLD GUARDIANS with Colin Frangicetto

For 20 more minutes with Colin, and exclusive rewards, support us on Patreon!Dear friend, Colin Frangicetto returns to the mind meld to chat about chaos, overcoming threshold guardians and the importance of saying ‘yes,’ even when it’s terrifying.Colin is a musician and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy this mind meld? Let the iTunes wizards know by leaving us a 5 star review and clicking subscribe!On a microcosmic level, we’re all, pixel by conscious pixel, incrementally perpetuating an unimaginable macrocosmic metanarrative. What I guess we could collectively call the tale of humankind. The mythos of man, if you will (in a non-gendered sense).Though it’s impossible to fully grok, genius visionaries like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have come very close to poetically mapping this unimaginable epic. I know I continuously return to Campbell’s book The Hero With a Thousand Faces whenever I’m thirsty for inspiration or existential context (I truly can’t recommend it or his Power of Mythconversations enough).That said, it’s difficult to apply these maps to ourselves directly because we all know how flawed we are. We all know all of our own deepest fears and insecurities. Surely we can’t be whatever it is an archetypical hero is. Surely these maps like Campbell’s monomyth (hero’s journey) can’t be talking about us as individuals in our beige, flawed lives, right?Hear our previous mind melds with Colin hereWhile no map is perfect or completely accurate. I contend that he is ( actually, Campbell said as much himself). When we dare to leave our comfort zones in the pursuit of something higher, we really are taking up the heroic monomyth mantel. Sure, I can see how saying that sounds self-important, but seeing it in action tells me all I need to know. Witnessing people overcome, succeed and sacrifice fills me with the electric essence of inspiration. For a moment I think to myself “ahh there it is! There’s the transcendent spirit of humanity poking through in that individual. There’s the evolutionary current that has pushed us to overcome untold odds.”Given that, I love hearing individual stories of how it manifests in everyday life and I’m happy to say there are some absolutely wonderful instances of that in this very podcast with Colin Frangicetto.As you may know, Colin is a wonderful artist and the guitarist of Circa Survive. He’s also become a very close friend.Do be sure to follow him on the socials and pop your qualia over to his website.For 20 more minutes with Colin, and exclusive rewards, support us on Patreon!In our patreon-exclusive chat, we rap about flow, psychedelics, Ken Wilbur’s fabulous book The Religion of Tomorrow, if it’s even possible to save religion and more!

third eye drops #149 - WHERE YOUR GURU HIDES with Yogic Monk, Dada Gunamuktananda

Yogic monk, meditation teacher, world-traveler, and viral TED speaker, Dada Gunamuktananda returns to the mind meld!We chat about the yogic concept of consciousness, the secret hiding place of your true guru, why it’s so important to cut through new age nonsense and more!Want more Dada on the subject of meditation and the nature of consciousness? Grab it on our Patreon page! LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERFind these musings amusing? Help us out by clicking 5 stars and subscribing on Apple Podcasts!There’s no shortage of juicy “whys” in the world.For starters– Why do we perceive things the way we do? Why do some things appear beautiful? Why is art moving?But one of the juiciest of juicy “whys” is the why of peak states. More specifically, why do we have the capacity to feel like we’re unlimited, yet one with everything? Why is it possible to have the sense that we’re stitched into the fractal fabric of infinity? It’s a hell of a thing.This mind meld is sponsored by the mushroom wizards at Four Sigmatic, get 15% off of their lovely elixirs hereHowever, if you take consciousness to its logical conclusion, it explains a lot. To clarify, I’m not just talking about self-awareness, I’m alluding to consciousness as a force, a sort of quintessence that’s presently rippling through everything. If that exists, there’s your answer for all of the above and more.Of course, I don’t know for certain that that’s a thing, but I know you can experience something very much like it.Hear our first talk with Dada hereAgnosticism on my part aside, the universality of consciousness is something that practically all of the world’s contemplative and mystical traditions have agreed upon.Speaking contemplative mystics, we’ve got a hell of a yogic monk in this very mind meld, Dada Gunamuktananada. You may have seen his fabulous viral TED talk (which hinges upon this very topic) that’s been viewed millions of times.In this mind meld, as you might have deduced, we riff a lot about the yogic view of consciousness and how to tap into it. We also chat about some western misnomers about what yoga, whether or not there really is a “shift in consciousness” occurring, what a real guru is and much more!Want more Dada on the subject of meditation and the nature of consciousness? Grab it on our Patreon page! 

third eye drops #148 - STAINING THE FUTURE with Ramin Nazer

For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron!Ramin Nazer is a comedian, artist and the host of the Rainbow Brain Skull Hour podcast.Ramin returns to the mind meld to chat about the limits of science, why the creative path is always a zigzag, the magic of journaling and why people are always talking themselves out of success. Hear Michael’s appearance on Ramin’s show here.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHERFind these musings amusing? Help us out by clicking 5 stars and subscribing on Apple Podcasts!Sharing good ideas is one of the most incredible things a person can do.When you pass along a good idea, you aid in the emergence of something new. You’re serving as a midwife for evolution. By sharing the right idea, you may literally initiate the sort of metamorphosizing ripple effect that alters the human mind collectively forever.Sounds ostentatious, I know, but it’s happened before. It’s the reason you know the names Einstein, Socrates, Jesus and Buddha.Check out Ramin’s first manifestation on Third Eye Drops here.The good news is we don’t have to set our aspirations quite that high because we’re all doing it. We’re all collectively contributing to that aforementioned psychic ripple, however incrementally.I suppose that notion highlights how discerning we should be when it comes to what we skeet into the discourse (I should probably take my own advice on that because I say some pretty preposterous shit on this show sometimes).Anyway, we have got a real evolution engineer here on the show with us this week, my friend Ramin Nazer.Ramin and I have been riffing a lot lately. I partook in a two hour plus chat with him on his show, the rainbow brain skull hour. Ramin also creates technodelic art blasts that are uniquely hilarious and insightful. He’s also a wonderfully funny comedian with a really quick, sharp, original mind.With that, do the necessary keyboard mudras to check out what his mind is doing here.

third eye drops #147 - Remembering the Future with Jesse Elder

For rewards and podcast extras, join us on Patreon!Jesse Elder is speaker, entrepreneur and creator of Mind Vitamins– short video bursts designed to cut through the status quo and inspire change. Jesse enters the mind meld to discuss time and why utility is the ultimate litmus test.This mind meld is sponsored by the mushroom wizards at Four Sigmatic. Get 15% by clicking here or using the coupon code THIRDEYEDROPSLISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy the show? Help us out by clicking 5 stars and subscribing on Apple Podcasts!The time leash is real, and it’s cinched tightly around all of our necks.We’re constantly checking clocks, calendars, and countdowns–You know what I mean, that “how long until…?” type of thinking. “How long until the plane leaves?” “How long until lunch?” “How long until we get there?” “Howlong until this person stops talking?” It really never stops.Oddly, the first thing you inevitably encounter when you start looking into time in a more academic sense is that it’s nothing like the linear stream we perceive it as. Some say it doesn’t even really exist outside of our perception of it. In other words, it’s a sort of a construct relative to our existential condition as finite beings. It’s comes preloaded into our neurology and psychology.Given that, it’s really interesting to start doing some thought experiments around the idea of time. If you begin to question its existence even a little bit, things get pretty wild. Solid cosmological pillars turn into dominos that are forced to topple over.For example, if time is the next dimension up from us (it’s often said to be the fourth dimension) what would it be like to be able to manipulate it? Even if we only had limited command over it, similar to the amount of control that humans have over three-dimensional space, the repercussions would be vast. If we could travel through time like an interstate, suddenly mortality, urgency, procrastination and any other kind of clock neuroses wouldn’t really exist. It also begs the question of how we’d ever get anything done. Why would we want to do anything if we could just go back in time over and over again? Why would we want to be anywhere other than the most pleasurable moment?The reason I’m babbling so much about time is because of our guest, Jesse Elder. He questions the nature of time a lot, at least as it pertains to his own life. As you’ll hear, he’s found a lot of utility in that questioning. In fact, he’s got an interesting, viral rant on the topic of time.Anyway, for more on Jesse pop your qualia here.For more on time, dive into these gems–Radiolab | Beyond TimeWhy Does Time Exist?Time Might Only Exist In Your Head. And Everyone Else’s

third eye drops # 146 - You Are the Machinery of the Cosmic Mind with Philosopher, Peter Sjöstedt

For rewards and podcast extras, join us on Patreon!Philosopher Peter Sjöstedt PhD returns to surf the unknowable numina! Peter is a philosopher of mind with a focus on panpsychism and altered states of sentience. Peter is also the author of the book Noumenautics. His work was the inspiration behind the inhuman philosopher Marvel Superhero, Karnak.LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy this mind meld? Give us a holographic hug by leaving us a 5 star review & clicking subscribe on iTunes!I developed a pretty jaded disposition when I was a teenager. I openly scoffed at overly simplistic, comforting views and platitudes about religion, god, politics and the universe at large.But a couple of years later all of that changed.There I was, an emo 19-year-old with unexplainable hair. My butt was in a chair alongside many others in a philosophy 101 lecture. As my professor dropped paradoxical wonder-bombs, I had a micro-epiphany– Why waste time being a jaded critic of everything I know to be bullshit when there’s so much I don’t know? Instead of being a contrarian choad, I could be exploring the frontiers of wonder.Of course, the rabbit holes being explored in this introductory class were just scratching the surface of much deeper mysteries. Mysteries that were now beckoning me to become an open-minded explorer of the mysterium tremendum.For me, that beckoning has never stopped.I’m getting all nostalgic about philosophy because we’ve got a real philosopher back on the show Peter Sjöstedt. Not only is he a real philosopher, he’s the best sort– An open-minded torrent of novel fascinations. On top of that, he’s synthesized his own worldview, and it’s a very compelling romantic one. In it, mystery is everywhere, consciousness is fundamental, and altered states may be gateways to the numinous.I can’t even begin to sum it up here, but it’s a universe I want to live in.

third eye drops #145 - Adrift In the Infinite Thought with Matt Xian

For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron!Matt Xian is the Creative Director and founder of TIMEWHEEL, a record label, website, and artistic platform. He also creates music in the vibey sea of sound known as Something FictionIn this mind meld, we chat about the possibility of reality being like a thought, why art is a form of truth and more.This mind meld is sponsored by the mushroom wizards at Four Sigmatic. Get 15% by clicking here or using the coupon code THIRDEYEDROPSLISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHEREnjoy this mind meld? Give us a holographic hug by leaving us a 5 star review & clicking subscribe on iTunes!One of the very first people to reach out and say “hey, I like the flavor of your wonder venison, let me help you distribute it” was Matt Xian of Timewheel.Although I was full of piss and vinegar and determined to make something of this media vessel, I didn’t have much of a following then. In other words, I didn’t have anything to offer Matt in return at the time. On the other hand, Matt’s platform already had hundreds of thousands of social media followers, numerous clients and quite a bit of success in general. So his interest meant a lot and I’ll always be grateful for it.Nostalgic cheese dippin’ aside, Matt has got a ton going on–  As I mentioned, he heads the media platform Timewheel which is always releasing stupendous music and documentaries. For instance, they’re distributing From Shock to Awe which chronicles the story of veterans with PTSD being healed by psychedelic medicine. He’s also part of a musical project called Something Fiction which has new music out right now.Art credit TAS Visuals