The Third Wave #40 – Are Materialist Philosophies Destroying Humanity? | Bernardo Kastrup



Philosopher Bernardo Kastrup joins us this week, to discuss the concepts of idealism and panpsychism, and how they relate to the psychedelic experience. Kastrup explains that a conceptual understanding of idealism is not enough to fully grasp its truth – and that people must experience a non-dual state first-hand to truly comprehend its meaning.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Psychedelics allowed Bernardo to take his philosophy from the conceptual to the experiential
  • We discuss the difference between panpsychism (everything is conscious, or has consciousness) and idealism (everything is consciousness, or is in consciousness)
  • Bernardo explains why the pervasive philosophy of ontological materialism could be the end of humanity



Bernardo Kastrup’s website

This week in psychedelics:

Old Bitcoin transactions on the dark net can potentially be traced back to you

Another study has shown that taking psilocybin mushrooms can drastically change personality features

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