The Seven Steps of the Bodhisattva

There are ten reasons great bodhisattvas show the act of walking seven steps; to manifest the power of bodhisattvas; to manifest the giving of the seven kinds of wealth; to satisfy the wishes of the spirits of the earth; to manifest the appearance of transcending the three worlds; to manifest the supreme walk of the bodhisattva, beyond the walk of the elephant, the bull, or the lion; to manifest the characteristics of the adamantine ground; to manifest the desire to give sentient beings courageous strength; to manifest the practice of the seven jewels of awakening; to show that the truth they have realized does not come from the instruction of another; to manifest supreme peerlessness in the world. These at the ten reasons they show the act of walking seven steps after birth; they manifest this to pacify sentient beings.

~Avatamsaka Sutra – 1106

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