The Drunken taoist #139 – JOHN WOLF AND MARK CHENG


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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • CFO at Onnit stands for Chief Fitness Officer
  • Santa Cruz: too stoned to say ‘hi’
  • The coolest martial arts studio in Daniele’s experience
  • Onnit Gym: The Temple of the Body
  • Onnit 6 and bodyweight protocols
  • The Legend of Dr. Mark Cheng—a fitness sexual poet
  • Effective communication:
  • Daniele doesn’t hear his own accent
  • Mark Dacascos and gangsta rap in Monterey Park
  • The key talent of an emotional athlete: adaptability
  • ‘The meaning of any communication is not the the intent behind it but the response you get.’
  • Daniele’s grandfather, China plates: interaction over content
  • Words: meaning is secondary. Energy transfer is more important
  • Taoism: the ability to shift gears
  • Judo as Taoism in action
  • You are right. So what?
  • Exit strategies in relationships
  • The best deals benefit both parties
  • Being willing to be vulnerable. Being willing to be the one who does more
  • The hero’s ego
  • Savannah protests she is nice

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