Synchronicity #176 - Playing Your Cards with Alexander Dunlop

Magical mystery man, Alexander Dunlop, joins me to discuss the magic of the common deck of cards.From a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 17, Alexander was on a quest to find the meaning of life.  He studied philosophy at Harvard, became an Evangelical Christian minister, went to Roman Catholic Seminary, worked on Wall Street, tried every psychedelic drug, meditated 8 hours a day in India and took initiation as a Swami, apprenticed to Shamans in the Ayahuasca tradition… but much to his surprise, he found the answers he was looking for in the Deck of 52.  You see, this Deck — the same Deck that we’ve used to play Go Fish, Gin Rummy, and Poker — is actually an ancient, unbound Book of Sacred Geometry. Tune into this episode to find out more.Alex is offering a free eBook to read your Cards to play. Download it here: Four Sigmatic is a Sponsor of the showGet 15% Off your entire order when you go to’ve been digging their Matcha so maybe check that one out why dontcha?As mentioned in the episode I will only partner with sponsors who’s products I use and vouch for. So support the show by supporting Four Sigmatic!

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