If You Suffer From A Chronic Illness, Where Is Weed Legal?

Weed is less of a taboo nowadays and more of a booming trend.

More and more people are transcending the limiting beliefs regarding cannabis and its effects on human health. With the rise in inspirational stories regarding healing cancer, depression, anxiety and other ailments, people are becoming more and more open to the idea that cannabis might be a powerful healing tool.

With this change in popular opinion, the state laws start changing as a consequence as well. There have always been more “open-minded” communities which have accepted the medicinal value of cannabis – states such as California and Colorado or countries such as Holland.

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The list of places where weed is legal will certainly continue to grow. However, if you want to plan your next trip somewhere where you can consume cannabis without worrying about breaking the law, here is the list of the places where it is safe to do so. (until the date of writing this, March 2017)

Let’s start with the United States.

As of the end of 2016, here is the list of states where consuming marijuana is legal…

The states where consumption of recreational marijuana is legal are Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon,  Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington.

This means that in these states you are free to consume marijuana as a recreational drug.

The states where consumption of medical marijuana is legal are







-Delaware, Florida










-New Hampshire

-New Jersey

-New Mexico

-New York

-North Dakota



-Rhode Island



This means that in these states you have to have a valid medical reason for consuming marijuana.

An official government list and map regarding these states and the law surrounding cannabis can be found here.

International Laws

When it comes to the international laws surrounding cannabis things are a bit more complicated. That is because even though it is still illegal in many countries, some countries have either decriminalized consumption of weed (which means that you may get a fine for getting “caught” with it but you won’t spend any time in jail) either a small quantity for personal use is acceptable.

The laws are constantly changing and there is no use in filling your mind with the specifics of the degree of legality of weed internationally.

Here is a brief list of the countries where weed is more (or less) acceptable – Holland, Belgium, Israel (decriminalized but still illegal for public use), Greece (illegal but acceptable in small personal amounts), India (in some states, although it is illegal at the federal level), Argentina (illegal but decriminalized in small amounts for personal use), Spain, Italy (decriminalized for medical and religious purposes), Germany (legal for medicinal or persona purposes), Austria (decriminalized up to 5 grams), Croatia (decriminalized and for medical use only), Australia (legal for medical and scientific purposes), Jamaica (decriminalized although still illegal), Uruguay, Colombia (up to 22 grams for personal use), Canada (legal only for medicinal use, although it is legal to grow it).

For an updated list of the countries legally permitting the consumption of cannabis you can check this list on Wikipedia.

There is an important (and encouraging) point to keep in mind. Even though theoretically weed is illegal in many countries, the reality is that the law is not so harshly applied in most of them. In some countries it might still be illegal but decriminalized or it might be illegal but still tolerated.

This should not be interpreted as an encouragement to break the law but only as a word of caution.

Nevertheless, the future looks bright for cannabis – growing and commercialization of this healing medicine will explode in the near future and soon enough the topic of legal use will not be a problem anymore.

Until then, stay safe and be informed.

Check out more on The Fascinating History of Weed @ Entheonation.com

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