FUTURE FOSSILS #56 - Sophia Rokhlin (Anarchy, Ecology, Economy, and Shamanism)

This week’s guest is Sophia Rokhlin, whom I met in Portugal at Boom Festival 2016, and who just finished her Master’s of Ecological Economics in Barcelona last fall.Sophia’s currently at work on a number of cool projects, including The Environmental Justice Atlas – a database of environmental conflicts happening around the world. She’s also helping Daniel Pinchbeck write a book on ayahuasca and has worked at Kosmicare, a European psychedelic harm reduction project. 
We Discuss:
• How Spanish represents time differently than English
• The politics and economics of Catalonian independence from Spain
• How energy accounting, geography, history, and political ecology come together in the new field of Ecological Economics: the layer of material funds and flows behind what we think of as “the economy” – how much gold, how much sand, how much palm oil…
• Her time in the Amazon studying plant medicines with the Sequoia tribe
• “Flex crops” (used as a food, a fuel, and a feed) for more sustainable and resilience global agriculture
• How can we properly account for all the ways our ecosystems support us without dangerously oversimplifying things?
• The history (and problem) of using “ecosystem services” to quantify the economic value of nature
• “Man-Age-Ment”
• The Battle of Global Civilization: Technocrats vs. Mystics
• And what of technoshamanism? Demetabolizing our environment.
• Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Process & voice dialogue in ego transcendence
• The problem of locating yourself in a global environmental conflict without a clear front line…each of us is everywhere, so where do we stand?
• Connecting and making kinship and natural rapport with elements in the global economy and learning how your life intersects with the planet-wide body of ______ (paper, palm oil, latex, etc.).
• How studying economics can be like diéta, getting acquainted with something
• Acting as a gateway to transcendence and altered states of consciousness
• Sophia’s history of encounters with ayahuasca, and what led to the realization that shamanism is not her path
• Balancing Big Picture thinking and intimacy, the social and personal, traditionally masculine and feminine modes of being
• Overcoming the cognitive dissonance between the revelations of psychedelic experience and ecological defense of plant medicines
• The hidden costs of regulating cannabis and other plant medicines
• Her soft spot for “the clandestine economies of hackers, pirates, and shamans”…don’t create economic monocultures by commodifying everything you possibly can!
• How psychedelics defy commodification – and why that’s a good thing
• Ontological anarchism and the silliness of trying to impose structure onto the utterly uncontrollable mysterious reality of reality
• Anarchism as a process
• “To complete things is to uncomplete them.”
• Unity and efficiency versus the counterclockwise heyoka medicine of necessarily contrary oppositeness
• Can there even BE a counterculture in a planetary culture?
• Idea Sex
• Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal and their model for Love Without Fear
• Relationship Anarchy needs a community container; why polyamory can be more difficult in the city
• The opposite of Tinder is having elders counsel us when we find someone in our community attractive
• Feminine eldership, female guidance and leadership
• Life Hack 101: Treat animals as gendered he’s and she’s instead of it’s, and you get better communication results.
• The Noosphere eating the Biosphere
• Jamming with nature and the importance of acoustic biodiversity
• The fallacy of conservation biology and the cult of wilderness
• If we really want to Make America Great Again, we’re going to need some mammoths!

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