FUTURE FOSSILS #52 - Blockchain & The Evolution of Consciousness with Michael Phillip & Jennifer Sodini of Cryptoseer

Subscribe to this show: iTunes (iOS) / Stitcher (Android)Join the Facebook Discussion GroupSupport this show and get cool stuffIn a special episode so timely that I couldn’t wait a week to publish, I sit down with Jennifer Sodini ( and Michael Phillip (Third Eye Drops Podcast) to cut through the technical jargon and discuss the economic, cultural, and even spiritual implications of blockchain technology.Everything we took for granted is about to change…beyond Bitcoin and quick riches, there’s a new planetary culture based on the scalability of trust. This podcast explores what that means for you – and why so many of your friends think that this new evolution of digital money and contracts is one of the most important events of our lives.Jennifer & Michael are two of the co-founders (along with Noah Lampert) of Cryptoseer, a new media company:http://cryptoseer.comWe discuss:• Why this is about so much more than another hype bubble of speculative assets for tech nerds;• What the blockchain economy is teaching us about how to surf exponential change;• The democratization of financial and legal literacy, and how decentralization can nourish a planet-wide renaissance of non-coercive institutions;• The importance of talking and storytelling about these new technologies in a way that people can connect to and understand;• Reclaiming our authority, agency, sovereignty from the financial and governmental systems we created for convenience…but not without resistance;• Looking at blockchain in an evolutionary and ecological context, and comparing what we’re living through now to historical precedents like 1967 and the end of the Age of Dinosaurs;• The urgency of a decentralized Web 3.0 built on blockchain and mesh networks, to keep a Free Internet alive;• What is all this going to look like when the artists get their hands on it?• Blockchain to manage swarms of flying autonomous cars…• What we can learn about the social construction of value from Dogecoin;• Is Bitcoin an NWO plot…and would it even matter if it were?And perhaps most critically:• Can understanding blockchain help liberate you from the ego??NOTE: You can listen to this with ZERO technical knowledge. But if you want some primers and interesting related links:• Richie Etwaru’s TEDx talk, “Blockchain Massively Simplified”• Bettina Warburg explains the blockchain to a 5-year old, a teenager, an undergrad, a grad, and an expert on WIRED:• Our friend Noah Lampert (co-founder of with Jenn & Michael) made a special episode of Synchronicity Podcast about it: you’ve made it through those:• My EPIC Facebook thread, “Kids, it’s time we sat down and had a talk about Bitcoin” (300+ comments):• “The Collapse of the American Dream Explained in Animation”• About “Johnny Appledrone vs. The FAA”• And here’s an infamous video of Katie Couric talking about the Internet in 1994, the way people are talking about blockchains today: the relationship between BTC and OWS:“If the SEC wants to investigate something, they should start with Wall Street and what happened in 2008. It’s definitely not sitting in a room full of servers. It’s time to have this discussion and I’m demanding that discussion starting today.”- Jared Rice of AriseBank Assange:  "Bitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street."

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