FUTURE FOSSILS #49 - Jake Kobrin (Sex, Death, & The Return of the Black Madonna)

This week’s guest is visionary artist Jake Kobrin, whose digital paintings explore a gorgeous, dark, evocative terrain of non-ordinary human experience and twist religious iconography into a metamorphic form well-suited to our psychedelic modern era.

We discuss his painting “Black Madonna” and the return and healing of the repressed feminine – not just women, but the body, the psychological shadow, marginalized peoples, death, and transformation…

We talk about Jake’s artistic intuition, nontraditional relationships, the reality of love, and my transformation from living in a haunted house to realizing the “ghost” was my own disowned soul…

If you are, or love, a witch, you’ll dig this episode.

Jake’s Website:

More Topics We Discuss:

• The nonduality of the sacred and profane;

• Intuition and the creative process, allowing the art to speak through you;

• Eden & Apocalypse, with history in the middle;

• Light & Dark, Good & Evil as “conceptual impositions” that don’t really exist “in nature”;

• Mary Magdalene, Judas, and The Scapegoat;

• The evolution of cell division as failed excretion and the relationship between sex and death;

• James Hollis’ book The Eden Project: The Search for the Magical Other, and how we seek out lovers based on unconscious images of our idealized early childhood caregivers

• Being a better partner to yourself first before relying on lovers

• Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Mastery of Love

• Hakim Bey’s book Temporary Autonomous Zone and ontological anarchy versus the social ego (as a function of wilderness)

• B Catling’s book The Vorrh

• “cis-relational” “cis-racial” and other “yes I am this thing” labels

• Graphic Novel, The Wicked & The Divine, and japanese sun goddess Amaterasu

And Jake reads his short piece about the spiritual authority of the Black Madonna.

Here’s an AMAZING related piece by theologian Matthew Fox:

“Understanding that my self is kind of alien to me, and a mystery, I can’t really judge…”

“All things are inherently pure and it’s more like our projection onto that that is less than pure…The Christ saw The Magdalene in her essential purity.”

“Our lives and our relationships are these formless, complex, infinite things, and I would rather exist in that framework than try to limit myself to conceptual boxes about the way I see things and how I project ideas of what my life is.”

“What is considered manly – certainly, that projection within American culture – I don’t relate to that AT ALL, and it just makes me go, ‘ew.’”

“I think we can just let our experiences exist without NEEDING to put them in a category as ‘real’ or ‘not-real’…”

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