FUTURE FOSSILS #46: Magenta Ceiba (Bloom Network's Anarcho-Permaculture Future)

This week’s guest is master community builder, singer, and human spirit animal Magenta Ceiba of the Bloom Network.

Bloom Network:

Magenta’s Personal Website:

We discuss:

- The adoption of regenerative culture practices;

- Cultivating planetwide resiliency in an age of thousands of years of unprocessed grief and trauma;

- Web native permaculture psychedelic anarchy;

- Communicating across HUGE political gaps (esp. with family);

- Cool Bloom Network community initiatives happening around the world;

- What will it take to adapt our technological environment to suit a more humane and grounded ecological society?

- The relationship between the Wood Wide Web of interspecies partnerships and the maturing World Wide Web of human making.

- How can we be good ancestors?

- A “relational, omnidirectional nowness where we embrace as our own body the other organisms on this Earth and the cosmic cycles of stuff through space”

- Synchronicity & Diachronicity

- An academic angle on decolonizing consciousness.  :)

- the inspiration for Intergenerational Psychedelic Dialogues Podcast


“Another key is coming to this conception of time that is relational and omnidirectional, and this nowness in which we embrace as our own body the other organisms that are on this Earth and the cosmic cycles of movement of stuff through space…”

“We’ve disconnected from some of the fungal and soil networks and if we’re going to continue to survive, and that layer of machine-embodied intelligence is going to survive, we need to learn to be in symbiosis with the Earth that we’re on.  If we’re going to make this leap to colonizing other planets, to star travel…”

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