Future Fossils 0036: Meow-Ludo Meow Meow (Part 2 - Modern Art & Surviving The Singularity)

This week is part 2 of our conversation with biohacking polyamorous geneticist and aspiring Australian politician Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow, founder of Sydney’s Biofoundry. Get ready for a chat so crazy you’ll think it’s 1999…we spend about 20 minutes arguing about modern art, 20 minutes arguing about the Singularity, and 20 minutes arguing about what’s in the box.
• Meow Himself:
• Biofoundry:
• Quotes:
“If you say to ‘them,’ ‘I have fifteen girlfriends, how many of them should I bring?’, you’ll freak ‘em the fuck out.”
“Artists have to be subversive. And why not be subversive within the system that exists? Because that provokes other artists to come and then challenge it.”
“I’ve had enough wine to say this: everything we do now is meaningless. It’s playtime until the Technological Singularity.”
“We are made of atoms, ultimately, but they’re our bitch.”
“We’re talking twenty years from now, and I can’t even predict this year. If I could, I would have invested in Bitcoin in March!”
• We Talk:
- We compare campaigning for nuclear technology to bringing a stripper with a drug problem to family dinner;
- IP as Art & The Shape of The Future;
- Leveraging existing systems as scaffolding to transition back into a way of life more suited to our paleolithic environment;
- Vantablack & the jerk who got an exclusive license to use it for art – and how the art community fought back;
- What is GOOD art?
- How “What is Life?” and “What is Art?” might be the same question…
- What the next few decades will be like if we assume a Technological Singularity…
- The social construction of identity
- We argue for ages about whether godlike AI will be independent from the biosphere…
• Citations:
- Common As Air by Lewis Hyde
- Damien Hirst
- Anish Kapoor
- Alain de Botton
- Marcel Duchamp
- Michelangelo
- James Gansfield
- The Architects of Air
- Stuart Semple
- Andrew Despi
- What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly
- John Allen (Institute of Ecotechnics)
- Shin Gojira
- Teranesia by Greg Egan
- The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
- Bacterial Polyamory
• Read more about evolution as entropy:
• Read more about evolution as a remix:

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