FUTURE FOSSILS #0012 - Mark Lee aka Somnio8 (Alt Physics & Visionary Art)

This week our guest is Mark Lee (Somnio8), an amazing artist.  One of my favorite visionary painters.  We spoke in the Museum of Visionary Art at Boom Festival about free energy devices, the creative culture of Bali, and the awesome potentials of our collective future... is currently down so check out his FB page:

A very soft spoken dude, too, so apologies in advance for the festival background noise.

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Don Harris’ inherited patent for radionics technology and the nature of the strange pocketwatch-like device that Mark was holding during our interview (which you can see a picture of [here]).

A bit of not-precisely scientific exposition of radionics, scalar wave technology, the Casimir Effect, antigravity, and so on. Short detours into the Michaelson-Morley Experiment, the supposed disproof of the luminiferous ether, and more recent perspectives on a superfluid rather than solid ether as the basis for “over-unity” devices.

How this field of study and this work has influenced and affected Mark’s life and artwork…the intersection of Golden Ratio technology and 3D printing will be a revolution. How studying shape and material properties and our ability to manipulate them in this time and age has inspired some awesome new toys and allows us to “cross the line between art and technology”.

Mark recommends the following YouTube video: Shape Power by Dan Davidson

Mark’s device reminds Michael of a time machine that he imagined for a sci-fi novel he and his friends tried to write in high school: one of those magical technologies that was never invented, just passed from older back to younger selves in a time loop…

“I really want to inspire more artists to take up playing with 3D and using games engines, because it’s the ultimate tool for sharing any idea we can imagine.”

This year is the year we’re starting to see legitimate gestural interfaces – 3D controllers like the HTC Vive and the importance of being able to use our hands and work in the sculptural space of VR with our whole bodies, not just a mouse and keyboard.

Mark’s recent project with Sasha Stone (founder of Example Zero) on ANCIENT FUTURES, a festival in Bali that he’s helping conceive and art direct. One idea he’s using: the ticket is an hourglass with a single grain of sand in it to represent stardust and autonomy, and to invite a range of other meanings.

Dan Winter, physicist, at is another fantastic resource for new/alternate physics on scalar waves and phase-conjugate fields (and how different materials and geometries affect the human organism).

Temple mathematics and the architecture of transcendence.  Bioarchitecture.  “If you can’t grow a seed in there…”

Michael asks Mark what he thinks about the growing evidence for a lost seafaring global culture that was wiped out roughly 13,000 years ago by a cometary impact.

MG: “By connecting everything to everything else, we are paradoxically (?) reviving all this ancient wisdom, indigenous knowledge, animism in the form of relating to the intelligence of our machines…and I wonder how much this is going to end up literalizing these New Age mythologies of technologically advanced ancient cultures… You certainly don’t need to believe in Atlantis to believe in the physics of this stuff.”

Mark’s vision for the near future: festival culture becomes permanent. Giant 3D printers, magnesium oxide cement, over unity engines…

“We can do anything if we have the energy. We can desalinate seawater, we can turn deserts into jungles…”

Some more about overunity engines. Mark’s own experiments with free energy garage projects in Bali.

Tom Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

Michael asks: What if we aren’t READY for free energy? What if our species is too immature and those who may be murdering inventors have the world’s best interests at heart? What if these technologies have been suppressed because “they” know we’ll only blow ourselves up with it?

(The Occupy Movement pits the 99% against the 1%, but don’t we want a solution that works for 100%?)

Why don’t we have ethical boards for new energy and transportation technologies and how are we going to actually integrate these transformations into culture?

Mark gives a very thoughtful reply…

Mark suggests looking up:

Ralph Ring & Otis T Carr

Mark:  Those are humans flying UFOs, not aliens.

We go totally woo and entertain the possibility that we officially left the Moon because it was already inhabited. Mark mentions a number of ostensible secret Moon programs from other countries and even corporations.

Michael’s experience of visiting Synergia Ranch and learning about how Biosphere II was an outgrowth of a secret international research program that happened across the Iron Curtain in the 1970s, mapping Mars and planning for a human mission.

Then we get silly.

What do you want to say to that future self that includes but also transcends you?

MG: “Do you have any questions for the future?”

ML: “No, not really. I’m pretty present. Excited.”

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