FUTURE FOSSILS #0010 - Anthony Thogmartin & David Krantz (Future Music)

In this special double episode, we're joined by musician-wizards Anthony Thogmartin (Earth Cry, Papadosio) and David Krantz (Futexture, former Moog Synthesizers employee, and director of psychoacoustics at Apeiron Center) in which we all kind of end up interviewing each other and have a conversation about the ordering and disordering of time, completely out of order (introductions halfway through the episode, et cetera).* Support Future Fossils Podcast on Patreon: *We talk about:- creative process workflow time loops and the difference of looping over minutes or years- artificially intelligent digital simulacra of ourselves, exploring alternate biographies- analog modular synthesis as collaborating with a living creature- random number generators and the ghost in the machine - collective consciousness- tripping with cats and electronics- sensitive instruments detecting invisible realities and scalar waves- synchronizing people with trees, brains with other brains, and other entrainmentweirdness- data garden’s midi sprout and using plant vibrations to control robotic servos andwelcome vegetable intelligence into human political discourse- the anechoic chamber and psychoacoustic biofeedback programming the human body- video chat telepresence barbershop quartets

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