FUTURE FOSSILS #0008 - Kingsley Dennis (New Monasticism)

“The battlefield has gone more and more internally, more into our minds.”- Kingsley Dennis

In this episode we hang out with Kingsley Dennis, prolific author and one of the most articulate voices in the emerging global movement of “new monasticism.”

* Support Future Fossils Podcast on Patreon: *Kingsley joined us from his gorgeous home in Spain to talk about…well, almost everything:

– Reimagining the planet as a living cell with the help of biologist Lewis Thomas;

– Flocking and schooling behavior in humans, and how outlier “weirdos” form the skin/edges/sensate drivers of culture (a shift from the periphery, not the center);

– Gregory Bateson’s “difference that makes a difference” and information as inherently meaningful (a qualitative dimension to “data” that we largely ignore, but will be integrated into the wisdom of a mature society);

 – Violent revolutions in the aftermath of new information technologies, and the deconstruction of hierarchical control – trees falling and saplings springing up;

– Time compression in a digital society and the increasingly inhospitable urban environment optimized for machines;

– Time compression in psychology and increased rates of travel and communication;

– New generations will be brought up in a fully digital society, and their epigenetic response will sprout new organs of perception, instinctively more adjusted and naturalized to time-space compression;

– Evolutionary whiplash vs. cruising altitude comfort/complacency;

– Soul work and evolution through difficulty:

“Disruptive energy is actually needed in order to catalyze the shift to a different order [but] it’s hard to talk about this without sounding distant.”- Kingsley Dennis

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