FUTURE FOSSILS #0005 - Mitch Schultz (The Spirit Molecule)

Featuring documentarian, psychonaut, and meta-media wizard Mitch Schultz, director/producer of the documentary "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" and founder of Mythaphi.  A more than usually enthusiastic group rap on the awesome potential of new media to shift the global story and deliver us into a world of awesome collaborative potential... Evan and Michael met as performers at one of Mitch's events years ago (the DMT RMX party at South By Southwest 2012) so it's like a family reunion having this guy on the show.  Not to mention he's a popular podcast guest on other shows like The Joe Rogan Experience, Erik Davis' Expanding Mind, and many others...we're so lucky that we get to share this with you!Check Mitch's work out here:http://thespiritmolecule.com* Support Future Fossils Podcast on Patreon: *Take the perspective of future archeologists digging through the digital remains of modern culture.  What will our generation's legacy look like to future humans? Explore the nature of time and our place in it through the conversations of the unconventional, bizarre, free-roaming, fun, irreverent, and thoughtful auditory psychedelic to get you prepared for living in a wilder future than we can imagine.Provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of art, science, and philosophy with Michael Garfield, Evan Snyder, and a growing list of awesome guests...

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