FUTURE FOSSILS #0003 - Tony Vigorito (Synchronicity)

In this week's episode, we interview our first guest, author Tony Vigorito, and go ape on thoughts about the nature of synchronicity – are we just making this stuff up?  Tony's work has been praised repeatedly and effusively by literary greats like Tom Robbins, so even before you get through a single sentence of his florid, playful, genius, totally abundant and absurdly tasty prose you know you're dealing with a singular mind.  He's also taught sociology at universities in Austin and Northern California, as well as to festival audiences all over.  Michael met Tony when they were on a panel together at the visionary art theme camp Entheon Village at Burning Man in 2009, and it was love at first sight.  He's as fun as he is authoritative, so strap in and get ready for a gorgeous little trip through the emergent angel that occurs at the confluence of three very balanced armchair philosophers...Tony's* Support Future Fossils Podcast on Patreon: *Take the perspective of future archeologists digging through the digital remains of modern culture.  What will our generation's legacy look like to future humans? Explore the nature of time and our place in it through the conversations of the unconventional, bizarre, free-roaming, fun, irreverent, and thoughtful auditory psychedelic to get you prepared for living in a wilder future than we can imagine.Provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of art, science, and philosophy with Michael Garfield, Evan Snyder, and a growing list of awesome guests...

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