FUTURE FOSSILS #0002 - Cairos (Time As Feeling)

In this second "zero" episode, Evan and Michael plumb the mysteries of qualitative time – the mystery of "Cairos," the I Ching, and nonlinear temporal shenanigans – before plunging into later interview-based episodes.These days we often think of time as only something that is counted.  But other cultures, like the ancient Greek and Chinese, knew that time is also something that is FELT.  What do we learn by seeing time as not just quantity, but quality?  Is there a texture to reality that people like the Maya knew about, and to which modern society is completely blind?  And can we re-establish a science of "timing" with new discoveries in biochemistry, along with a sensitivity to the sacred time of monastic life?* Support Future Fossils Podcast on Patreon: *Take the perspective of future archeologists digging through the digital remains of modern culture.  What will our generation's legacy look like to future humans? Explore the nature of time and our place in it through the conversations of the unconventional, bizarre, free-roaming, fun, irreverent, and thoughtful auditory psychedelic to get you prepared for living in a wilder future than we can imagine.Provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of art, science, and philosophy with Michael Garfield, Evan Snyder, and a growing list of awesome guests...

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