ENTHEONATION #26 - The Burning Man Relationship Survival Guide | Philippe Lewis

Philippe Lewis, the Exquisite Lover, is a Sex & Intimacy Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer. For the last 18 years, he has been exploring relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with individuals and communities through teaching, writing, coaching and (sexy) events with the goal of growing men and women into better lovers and better humans. A Burner since 1998, Philippe shares veteran advice on being fully prepared for epic play on the Playa, and getting the most transformation out of transformational festivals for yourself as well as for your intimate relationships.In this juicy episode, he will share practical advice on how to use the Playa as a transformational relationship playground. Get ready to discover:

  • [7:25] Why so many couples break up and friendship end at Burning Man.

  • [9:01] How to avoid common Playa pitfalls and ensure your relationship survives Burning Man

  • [13:54] What “CPR” is, and how to use it to change the world, change your life, and enhance your relationship.

  • [16:39] Creative ways you can use intention to add more magic to your Burn

  • [17:08] How to negotiate Playa boundaries with your lover…that include sexual encounters with other people.

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Philippe’s 10 rules of Burning Man

  • Rule #1: You have to pee once in a while

  • Rule #2: Don’t step in it

  • Rule #3: It’s not about you

  • Rule #4: Unless it is about you

  • Rule #5: When the ship set sail, it set sail (about leaving camp and not going back)

  • Rule #6: No mo FOMO (stay in the moment and enjoy it)

  • Rule #7-8: Intentionally left blank (for you to fill)

  • Rule #9: Everyone should have their orgasm

  • Rule #10: It’s time to go

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ENTHEONATION #25 - Psychedelic Love, Surviving Burning Man | Julie Megler & Larry Norris

Larry Norris is the founder and executive director of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education).  ERIE is a group dedicated to entheogenic research and the development of integration tools, as well as bringing diverse entheogenic speakers, practitioners, and researchers to share their wisdom with the San Francisco/Bay Area communiy.  This summer Larry taught Entheogenic Education, a graduate level course at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  The goal of this course was to discuss the concept of entheogens as educational tools and teachers.  A dedicated activist and a proponent of cognitive liberty, Larry’s efforts emphasize entheogens potentially transformative value given the right set and setting.Julie D. Megler is a board certified family medicine and psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Professionally she strives to integrate the mind/body connection and health care.  Julie has a private practice in the San Francisco/Bay Area, offering mental health services and integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.  She is also on the board of directors for ERIE non profit.  Julie has presented at Detroit’s First Entheogenic Conference, Psychedelic Science, and The Women’s Visionary Congress.  In addition she has co-authored chapters in the books Manifesting Minds and The Therapeutic Uses of Ayahuasca.In this episode, they will share their tips on how couples can optimize their visionary experiences, while staying healthy, playful, and deeply connected even in extreme conditions.You will hear about:

  • [06:04] How Larry and Julie were brought together by their visionary experiences
  • [08:15] Their best advise on how to maintain a harmonious and impactful relationship in a visionary setting
  • [11:18] Their first visionary experience as a couple
  • [14:45] How to hold a sacrosanct container for a relationship in the midst of entheogenic journeys
  • [18:44] How types of entheogenic medicines apply in relationships
  • [28:00] The Burning Man experience and its challenges to couples
  • [33:15] How couples can get over the Burning Man hangover
  • [37:21] Responsibilities of visionary couples in the community
  • [39:25] How couples can support each other on integration and get back into the rhythm of the “real world”

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ENTHEONATION #24 - Can Burning Man Change the World? | Andrew Johnstone

Andrew Johnstone is in charge of designing the Burning Man Man Base, and ensuring that the Man burns safely, so that flaming tons of debris do not cascade down onto the thousands of revelers below. Originally from Great Britain, Andrew currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and children. Since 2005 he apprenticed under Rod Garrett, the architect of Burning Man. When Rod passed away in 2011, Andrew was honored with the title “Design Steward of the Man” and has served to carry on with the design of the Burning Man Man Base. This year, the theme of Burning Man is “Da Vinci’s Workshop” and a bold design employing gears and human power has been devised to rotate the Man in a style that would make Da Vinci proud.In this conversation, you’ll hear about:

  • [11:30] The origins of Burning Man
  • [14:03] How Burning Man decides what the Man and the Man Base looks like
  • [16:25] What it takes to ensure that the Man burns safely
  • [27:22] How to not die at Burning Man
  • [36:35] How Burning Man can transform your life
  • [38:20] How Burning Man is changing the world

ENTHEONATION #23 - Iboga: Kicking Heroin Addiction with the Ultimate Ancestral Trip | Elizabeth Bast & Chor Boogie

Elizabeth Bast serves as a writer, poet, yoga teacher, yogic life-style coach, visual & performance artist, fusion temple dancer, and musician. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change. Chor Boogie a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey is an internationally acclaimed spray-paint artist. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have graced many countries across the globe. He was recently honored by Societe Perrier as being number three among the the TOP TEN U.S. Street Artists of 2014. He approaches his use of color as a form of therapy and visual medicine, and has been dubbed “the color shaman” by comrades and fans. Elizabeth & Chor now also serve as educators and advocates for the iboga medicine by sharing their healing journey. In this heartfelt and truly inspiring interview, they will share with us:

  • [11:10] Chor’s experience with heroin relapse and how they discovered iboga as a remedy for opioid addiction
  • [14:02] What is iboga and what is the difference between iboga and ibogaine?
  • [25:00] Their separate experiences during the iboga ceremony
  • [26:11] Risks of using iboga and how to use iboga responsibly
  • [41:50] Differences between an iboga ceremony and an ayahuasca ceremony

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ENTHEONATION #22 - Western Shamans, Sacred Tea Servers & Charlatans | Rak Razam

Rak Razam is the world’s leading ‘experiential’ journalist, writing about and helping shape the emergence of a new cultural paradigm in the 21st century. A writer, film producer and culture maker, he bridges the worlds of shamanism, consciousness and popular culture.Author of the critically acclaimed book Aya Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey and the companion volume of interviews, The Ayahuasca Sessions, he is a frequent lecturer on ayahuasca and the shamanic revival sweeping the West. He wrote, produced and co-directed the groundbreaking visionary documentary Aya: Awakenings and he leads ayahuasca retreats in Peru.He has been hosting dynamic speaking engagements, panel facilitation and lectures across Australia and North America at conferences, transformational festivals and other events for the past five years, weaving together the New Age, counter-culture and progressive thought. He has been called one of the “leading spokespersons for the new paradigm”.Today, he joins us for another episode and he will share about:

  • [6:19] The phenomenon of the rapid explosion of Western Ayahuasqueros
  • [8:52] Why a lot of neoshamans jumped into the bandwagon of offering Ayahuasca ceremonial services.
  • [20:00] How the money exchange  in the commercialization of ayahuasca has changed the energy of ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • [21:35] Tips on how to properly assess the skills of a western ayahuasca ceremony facilitator.
  • [28:41] His opinion on why the 40-year war against drugs is unsuccessful.
  • [31:02] Advice for individuals who have felt a sacred calling as an ayahuasca ceremony facilitator.
  • [33:23] How human beings can evolve and gain true awakening.
  • and much, much more!

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ENTHEONATION #21 - Icaros, Shaman Songs & Plant Music | Susana Bustos

Susana Bustos, PhD, is a transpersonal counselor, professor of psychology, and independent researcher on the entheogenic shamanic traditions of the Americas.Her main body of research and clinical work has focused on Peruvian Amazonian Vegetalismo practices, particularly on the effects of song (icaros) and plant diets on healing processes, as well as on the integration of experiences with plant medicines in ordinary life.She teaches courses on entheogenic shamanism and research at the California Institute of Integral Studies, co-leads groups into the Amazon rainforest, and holds a private practice in Berkeley, CA.In this episode, Susana will share with us:

  • [16:05] What Icaros mean and what they are truly about.
  • [24:25] The phenomena of centers in Peru that incorporate Hindu, Buddhist and African music in their songs.
  • [30:25] The function of Icaros and Arcana in Ayahuasca ceremonies and other plant medicine rituals.
  • [35:53] How to make a person fall in love with you using a magical Icaro from Peru
  • [40:00] How people learn Icaros and the experience of receiving a song from a plant.
  • and much, much more!

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ENTHEONATION #20 - Psilocybin Mushrooms, Spirit Guides & Otherworldly Intelligence | Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is a well-known author, shamanic practitioner, teacher, and public speaker. She has become the “feminine voice for the reverent shamanic use of psilocybin mushrooms”. Her book Love and Spirit Medicine archives and keeps track of her mystical journey and shamanic exploration into the heart of entheogenic mushrooms. She travels far and wide teaching and sharing her knowledge about the mushroom intelligence and all that she encounters in her journey with the mushroom spirits.In this interview, she discusses how to communicate with the mushroom spirits and build a relationship with them. She also shares:

  • [6:12] Her initial experiences with nature spirits in the rainforest after taking plant medicines during ceremonies.
  • [10:29] Ways to protect yourself from negative spirits during plant medicine ceremonies.
  • [14:42] A beautiful encounter with Lady Sak K’uk (The Red Queen) in Palenque.
  • [16:30] The difference between venturing into the deep realms using plant medicines versus regular meditation.
  • [23:42] How peyote can be an effective medicine to treat addictions.
  • [25:41] The importance of appropriate opening and closing of every plant medicine ceremony.
  • and much, much more! Much more!

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ENTHEONATION #19 - Quintessential Death Trip, Interdimensional Beings, Archetypal Love, & Art | Android Jones

Android Jones began studying art at age 8.  He attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, where he trained in traditional academic drawing/painting and animation. Jones interned at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic and later founded Massive Black, an art development company based in LA.  Android began his career as an Independent Artist in 2005. He now lives in his home town of Lyons, maintaining a large art studio in a repurposed barn.Best described as a “digital painter,” Jones has created an immense body of work. He has become well known for his many layered, psychedelic works and live performances using a custom built digital set up. He participated in the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Tour and his work has been projected on the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building. A long time member of the Burning Man community, Android has traveled the world exhibiting his work and has contributed to events on 6 continents.At the center of Jones’ work is spirituality and altered states of consciousness. Describing his work as Electro-Mineralism, Jones attributes his ability to create to the wonders of technology, crediting the planet’s resources for advancements in art production. Manipulating light and energy, Android Jones captures complex concepts while utilizing his formal background in the arts. Described as a digital alchemist, he is determined to alter the viewer’s perception, pushing the boundaries of the imagination through the use of innovative media forms.In this episode, Android shares with us:

  • [5:22] How he started to create the holographic paintings and images that he is known for.
  • [9:05] His childhood encounter with little bluish inter-dimensional entities that influenced his early art works
  • [12:22] An intense vibrational experience at a festival that hinged him to an inter-dimensional kind of consciousness.
  • [24:50] Android’s guiding principles in life that drives him to create his art
  • [27:19] How some of his artworks have impacted the lives of other people, most commonly, couples.
  • and much, much more!

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ENTHEONATION #18 - Psychedelics & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Rick Doblin

Rick Doblin, Ph.D., is the founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). He received his doctorate in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where he wrote his dissertation on the regulation of the medical uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Rick studied with Dr. Stanislav Grof and was among the first to be certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. His professional goal is to become a legally licensed psychedelic therapist.Rick joins me once again for another engaging conversation. This time, we are going to discuss psychedelics and its possible medical impact on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).In today’s episode, we will learn about:

  • [7:00] Rick’s work with MAPS and developments regarding his work on PTSD
  • [9:20] Involvement of MAPS in Visionary Festivals
  • [20:11] Effects of psychedelics based on MAPS’ research on PTSD therapy
  • [29:16] MAPS’ work on LSD & end-of-life work
  • [33:45] Rick’s wisdom brought by his otherworldly visionary explorations

And much, much more! 

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La Mesa – Barcelona’s Swanky Cannabis Club Which Got Closed

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ENTHEONATION #17 - Ayahuasca Legal Defense & The Road to Decriminalization | Benjamin De Loenen

Benjamin De Loenen studied audiovisual media in The Netherlands, and received his Masters degree with honors as a film director and editor for his documentary ‘Ibogaine-Rite of Passage’ (2004), which he directed and produced.He became active as a public speaker about Iboga internationally and eventually founded the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) in 2009 in The Netherlands. ICEERS currently has an office in Barcelona, Spain and Montevideo, Uruguay, and is involved in scientific research into Ayahuasca, Iboga and Cannabis, policy reform activities, educational activities and services related to risk reduction and legal support.In today’s interesting episode, you will discover:

  • [8:18] The road of ayahuasca towards legalization and decriminalization
  • [13:10] Why there is a wide disconnect between science and reinforcement
  • [18:28] Recent scientific research that could stand up in a court of law
  • [21:58] List of countries and places wherein ayahuasca use is not considered an illegal activity
  • [30:41] The Ayahuasca Defense Fund and what it aims to achieve
  • and much, much more!

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