The Ellie Aaron Hour #70 – How Spontaneity leads to freedom with Psychotherapist Adrienne Glasser


Adrienne Glasser is an IFS life coach, Psychotherapist, founder and director of services at Present Moment, a mindfulness-integrated psychotherapy practice. She specializes in working with clients and helping professionals to uncover their true or authentic self-leading to a greater sense of freedom.

She does this by compassionately, yet directly assisting clients in uncovering and befriending inner shadows that need understanding in order to achieve true integration and wholeness. Through her directness, compassion and playfulness she is able to collaboratively work with clients to clear blocks, allowing clients to live life from an authentic place.

We talk:  

  • How being spontaneous helps us get out of our own head – and healing can emerge
  • Dancing as medicine 
  • Becoming your own witness through Meditation and mindfulness (and how helpful that is) 
  • Bringing light to the shadows we have within us 
  • How levity can help our nervous system relax and connect with others more fully
  • Why cracking a joke in the middle of an argument can be so helpful 
  • Why having a dog in her therapy sessions made all the difference with certain clients 
  • Taking the therapy world and making it full of play

How do YOU practice play within the challenging parts of yourself?

If you’d like a free yoga and sensual movement video go here.

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