The Ellie Aaron Hour #69 – The Voice in your head has something to tell you with Jeanine Cerundolo M.A.


Jeanine Cerundolo M.A. is a workshop facilitator, yoga instructor, writer, and personal development coach. She dedicates herself to the arenas of personal transformation, healing modalities, and community building. 

She supports others in growing personally in the realms of radical self-acceptance and self-expression, since she believes that much lasting change begins from the inside out. 

We talk:  

  • Jeanine’s background in personal development and coaching
  • How the different parts of ourselves play a big role in our life
  • Getting to know our various “parts” and what they may reveal 
  • Spiritual Psychology and what that is 
  • Ellie’s inner voices (we actually do an exercise surrounding this)
  • Why it’s helpful to meet your inner archetypes, so they don’t hold you back unconsciously 
  • ​​Why being KIND to ourselves is always helpful 
  • How Parts work can support YOU 

Have you identified your inner voices before?  Which one needs the most love? 

If you’d like a free yoga and sensual movement video please visit me here. Take care, everyone!

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