The Ellie Aaron Hour #66 – Why you should get a coach, Fart jokes, and why money breakdowns can lead to growth and Love with Michelle Akin

Michelle Akin is a Professional Certified Coach in private practice, as well as a Program Leader in the Accomplishment Coaching Life Coach and Leadership Training Program.

With a background in video production, improv and sketch comedy, and music, she works primarily with clients in creative industries. She is also a new Mom with a gorgeous baby girl, and plans for more on the way!

    We talk:  

  • Her comedy youtube channel
  • How Michelle learned how to cry 
  • Why getting a really good life coach can change everything
  • Her history of video editing and working with Marie Forleo
  • The application of using humor during coaching 
  • The importance of Fart Jokes
  • Comedy as spiritual practice 
  • Power as bringing people into the energy you want them to embody 
  • Finding our voice in every situation 
  • ​Money in her marriage and why it brings them back to Love
  • Michelle’s money breakdown and the clarity it brought

What’s one insight you got from the show? I’d love to hear! 

Twitter: @MichelleAkin
Insta: @MichelleAkin21
Podcast: Naked with Clothes on

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