The Ellie Aaron Hour #60 – Wild Woman in Love with Kathleen Graham

Kathleen Graham is The Love Magnet Mentor and founder of Wild Woman in LOVE. She shows smart, successful single women how to become a magnet for love so they can attract and keep an amazing man who cherishes them.

Her expertise is in teaching women how to Call in their King (you souls true match, especially designed to love you!) who will adore and treat them like a queen. She has successfully worked with thousands of women in her online courses and live events. 

Kathleen supported me through her Call in your king program. (which feels vulnerable to share), but here goes! It really helped.

It made me believe love is possible. It helped me feel and understand my worthiness. It was a safe space to connect with lots of other amazing women who were also desiring a deep partnership. I learned a lot. I cried a lot. It was an important step for me in attracting my current partner.

I hope it’s helpful to my lady listeners who desire partnership (although if you’re a dude I think you’d get lots of benefit from listening too). 

We talk:  

  • Kathleen’s love story (and how she wasn’t always in a happy fulfilling partnership and what she did to change that)  
  • Why Vulnerability is the key to attracting the love you yearn for  
  • Why feeling Safe with a potential partner is important
  • What to look for when you’re in the process of dating 
  • How Kathleen’s program helped me 
  • Why feeling the ache and sadness of being single is okay. It doesn’t mean you need a partner to complete you- it’s simply being honest
  • Why love and the yearn for love is a spiritual practice 
  • Love takes time and commitment 
  • Connecting with your inherent worthiness 
  • Soul standards for Love (includes your ideal partner’s core values) 
  • Trusting the Universe 
  • Why sexual attraction isn’t the most important thing to feel when you’re dating 

Kathleen has a free gift! for ya’ll—> Chased & Cherished: 5 Secrets to Getting Pursued by the the Right Man who will Adore You Forever — FREE GIFT: 
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