The Ellie Aaron Hour #35 – Joys and challenges in Dating, Comedy, and the power of showing love to everyone we meet with Comedian Myq Kaplan



Myq Kaplan is one of my favorite comedians. He’s been on the Tonight Show, Last comic standing, and  America’s got talent (and more!) His standup special on Netflix “Small, Dork, and Handsome” is one of my favorite specials ever. He also hosts his own wonderful podcast called “Hang Out with Me” on the Kieth and The Girl Network.

I’ve known Myq for a few years and he’s a fun, kind, and loving human being. On this episode we delve into the world of dating, advice around dating and comedy. He also just came out with a new Comedy album! All about how he doesn’t wanna have kids, and other interesting things. I promise it’ll make you laugh! Find it here.

On the episode we talk about: 

  • Dating and how to be yourself in dating
  • How sex, hormones, and physical attraction can cloud judgment in Dating
  • Myq’s preference towards open relationships and why he feels that way 
  • His new Comedy Album 
  • How loving and caring and honoring yourself in dating is important 
  • How we can always choose to love and cultivate that energy even if we aren’t dating anyone and how important that is!  
  • The similarities of writing and creating good comedy and dating 

Would love to hear from you! Any parts of this episode touch your heart? Any takeaways? 

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