The Ellie Aaron Hour #32 – On having teachers, gurus and idols, and how that can be damaging AND very helpful with Sydney Faith Rose



On this episode of Insight Monday we talk about having teachers, gurus, idols, and role models. Certain teachers have changed my life. I wouldn’t be the same person without them. Spiritual teachers on the path of awakening are crucial. but there has to be a moment where we also begin to have a true sense of self trust. Actual growth is beginning to have that for ourselves.

 We talk about:

  • Why it’s GREAT and important to have teachers you trust, they can show you a mirror of who you are 
  • Why having teachers can sometimes keep us stuck where we are  
  • The danger of putting teachers on a pedastal 
  • Why It’s important to have teachers that give us back our power 
  • How we’re often looking for a parent in teachers, and understanding we have to become that for ourselves 

To find Sydney Email her at and you can take her classes at Dharma Punx NYC, which I highly recommend!

Who are your major teachers? What have they taught you?

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