the drunken taoist #154 - CHRIS RYAN


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  • Social outrage as a cover for existential crisis
  • Feeding you distractions so that people in power can stay in power
  • Maybe no one is pulling the strings, and no one is in control
  • "It's easier to ride a horse in the direction it's going."
  • Homework: learning how to make yourself happy
  • Millionaire slaves
  • Is it possible to be healthy in unhealthy world?
  • "Throw me into Hell, and I'll find a way to enjoy it" Ikkyu
  • Loneliness and depression
  • The challenges of creating community and tribes
  • Where selfishness and altruism go hand in hand
  • Crazy Horse, Caravaggio, The Punisher
  • This guy doesn't know who Nietzsche is but understands what Nietzsche was writing about
  • Savannah: a Zen monk who doesn't know what Zen is
  • Chris and Iroquois