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  • History on Fire news!
  • If things turn ugly, I'll sit on the beach, drink tequila, caress my lady's breasts, and count my money
  • Future history on fire topics

The Storytelling Moment:

  • The lyrics to "Masters of War"
  • The military Industrial Complex
  • How evil people lie to themselves
  • Evil people happen to be their own victims
  • Winning the rat race: when you can afford designer depression medications rather than the generic brand
  • Having all the wealth and feeling nothing
  • The great John Torres walks into the episode
  • Doing a Bronco Billy musical
  • Body language tells you plenty about a person
  • Awesome rendition of "Stand By Me"
  • Daniele as a old man when he was a kid (and the legend of Lao Tzu)

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • Online learning

The "Iz Moment":