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  • Sovannahry...doing more damage to Ukraine than Putin himself
  • Message Sovannahry for signed copies or you can get an unsigned copy on Amazon
  • Yves: from Bruce Lee to UFC
  • Thanks Chuck for hooking up Sav with Yves and Brooke
  • How does learning how to punch and kick someone make you a better person?
  • The paradoxical alchemy of martial arts
  • Advantages and disadvantages of traditional martial arts vs. combat sports
  • How to pick a martial arts school
  • Yves on trash talking in combat sports
  • "It is hard to hate a guy who is giving you donuts"
  • Just stepping up
  • Sovannahry about fighting in Asia
  • The ONE Championship model vs. the UFC model
  • The Shaolin of Dagestan documentary
  • Learning how not to take criticism personally helps you grow
  • Evan Tanner philosophy
  • The harshness of martial arts is what teaches people to deal with adversity
  • Combat Wombat!